Free Obama Tattoo

If you're an Obama supporter, you can now put your skin where your mouth is: an Oklahoma tattoo artist is giving away free tattoos of the presidential hopeful!

Talk about a stinging endorsement! A tattoo shop in Moore, Oklahoma is giving Barack Obama tattoos for free.

"I don't have any extra money to donate to the cause," said Phillip Calfy, tattoo shop owner. "I'm a tattoo artist and a lot of people that are into the tattoo thing like free tattoos."

Link (with video clip) - Thanks Shana Chapman!

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Maybe she’s on Red Bull and Mt. Dew! I loved the way they cleaned up the boyfriend of the knocked up daughter. All of the sudden he can’t wait to get married and have kids. Do I smell a Republican “sponsored” scholarship to a college of his choice? He sure looked mighty uncomfortable at the convention. Maybe Grandma-to-be got out her huntin’

Wow Howard L, it sounds like you knew the boy personally before this. You know how many Liberal politicians daughters have gotton knocked up?? Hell no you don't know because they get them to an abortion clinic within a month and have the little scandal "removed" before it can cause any back lash. Anyone can kill a baby to save face, it takes a real woman to stand up and be a mommy. By the way, do you think she is the first 17 year old to have sex??? HAHA HAHA you are a moron. All this baby proves to me is Palin practices what she preaches, she could have forced her to murder her baby, but she is against abortion. Practicing what she preaches, dang now THAT is change in Washington.

Liberal- a person so open minded their brain fell out
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Dear Carla: Don't back down now. There are still a handful of us out there who believe that once you have children, they come first! Women who do what is right for their family whether it's going out to get a job, deciding to be a stay-at-home Mom (the hardest job EVER) or a combination of both. I feel this woman has too much on her plate for this VP job. But as you stated - Good luck Sarah! I have been around MANY super-moms and eventually something always has to be subtracted from their busy schedule.
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