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Free Obama Tattoo

If you're an Obama supporter, you can now put your skin where your mouth is: an Oklahoma tattoo artist is giving away free tattoos of the presidential hopeful!

Talk about a stinging endorsement! A tattoo shop in Moore, Oklahoma is giving Barack Obama tattoos for free.

"I don't have any extra money to donate to the cause," said Phillip Calfy, tattoo shop owner. "I'm a tattoo artist and a lot of people that are into the tattoo thing like free tattoos."

Link (with video clip) - Thanks Shana Chapman!

Wow, and here I thought people driving around with Mondale/Ferraro stickers still on their bumpers were pathetic. (Not a political comment regarding one useless side or another, more of a statement on things NOT to get semi-permanently embedded in your body)
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I see this as believing in Obama the man, not necessarily the candidate. He is an inspiration for everyone even if (God forbid) he doesn't become President. I also have a feeling if he is not successful this time around (once again, God forbid) he won't go away!! Hello 2012!
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First time voters: I'm beggin' ya - VOTE for Obama. Years from now, be able to say when I voted for the first time, I voted for a President with a BRAIN.
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Guess you get what you pay for. There are going to be a lot of embarrassed Obama tattoo wearers come November when their man loses in a landslide bigger than 1972.

Maybe they could sue Calfy for a free tattoo removal.
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The only real objection I have to this is that the tattoo looks really poorly done. A lifetime of bad ink is a fate worse than a possibly ill-advised choice of artwork.

That said, if there were a political figure that symbolized more than a particular election cycle and whose image could be appropriate as an emblem of a greater, more enduring principle or ideal (the motivation behind many tattoos), it's probably Obama.
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And at the risk of starting some tedious crap, it's amusing that there are still people around promising a "landslide" defeat for the Democrats. I mean, we don't have landslides anymore. Whoever wins, will not win by a great margin.

Meanwhile, many of us who watched a shadow of a man deliver his acceptance speech would suggest that the mere notion of that man steamrolling his vibrant opposition is a contention born of a mind firmly mired in an alternative, upside down, dramatically implausible reality.
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Yea, but does she have a tattoo?? I THINK NOT She is an uppity white Republican. McCain's wife spent $300,000 to look good in that ugly gold dress and diamonds. She probably wouldn't even shake hands with somebody with a tattoo. Republicans are all about the $$$$ - - their money!
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I notice a difference here, I always hear Republicans say things about how Dems are going to feel stupid when they lose, and things of that sort. "I" didn't lose in 2000 and 2004, the country did. I didn't feel stupid, I did think slightly less than half the country was. I'm not worried about "losing", I'm worried about my country going under.

After watching the Republican convention I'm convinced most Republicans think they're still in high school.
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Any Republicans who think that Dems feel stupid after they lose are mistaken.

Thei si because most stupid people don't actually know that they're stupid. They project their own stupidity onto others, such as the voting public.

Of course, the long-term consequence of this stupidity is repeated failure. Not recognising their own faults, the Democrats can't fix their shortcomings. So they blame the voters, and set themselves up to fail yet again.
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None of us lose, we all gain a new president. I thought whoever wins will have been elected to represent Dems, Reps and everyone else. Or we can fight, either one is fine.

As for the tattoo, its horrible. If you want an Obama tattoo thats your choice but go pay a good artist for some quality work instead letting some scratcher whos just trying to drum up publicity for himself mar you for life. Plus think of the fact that you have the exact same tattoo as about 100 other people.
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I do find it rather interesting and telling that there are easily four times as many posts about Obama as there is about McCain. Something I find rather neat is the naming of Sarah Palin as the V.P candidate. Hmmm kinda hard to sift through all of those posts about her, all 0 of them. No, neatorama posters like Stanhope are completely unbiased.

Here's a woman who has made it to some of the highest levels in elected office by her own efforts. Why again did Hillary get as far as she did? Oh, that's right, she was married to Bill. A woman who makes it on her own merit or a woman who rides her husbands coat tails. Which one do you suppose garners the support of feminists?
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Yeah, I thought the nomination of Sarah Palin was pretty neat, too. She mighty even be the first woman president.

But I suppose a badly drawn tattoo is more important.
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The first part of deciding what type of tattoo you want and where you want to have it involves looking at them wherever you might be able to spot them: on TV, in movies, in magazines, or, best of all, in person. Seeing one up close and in the flesh is really not as difficult as it might seem. I go for Obama !
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The tattoo is very poorly done. Make sure you go to a true artist to get one. As for the election, how could anybody not get why he put Palin on his ticket. If he had put another old white guy with him the game would have been over. Do people really think Palin could take over in a crisis? Are we all that stupid? Please think this over carefully before you vote. This is not the time to vote for the "cutest" couple. There's a war going on. If I had a son in the military right now, I would be wondering what the hell is going on. Don't people understand men/women are dying everyday and we are talking about tattoos and eyeglasses.
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Nielo says : "Which one do you suppose garners the support of feminists?"

You mean the exact same woman who during Hillary's campaign did not believe in feminism? The same woman who wants to ban abortion for rape victims? The same woman who didn't have the common sense to teach her teenage daughter how to properly use birth control ? The same woman who is famous for her "beauty queen" career?
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Geez. As someone outside of US politics, I can say I was impressed with Obama's speechifying, but he didn't give any subastance. I was impressed with Palin's speechifying, but in a different way.

Obama knows how to deliver a speech written for him by others, and borrowing heavily on other speeches. I didn't get the sense that Palin was "reading" a set speech that someone else wrote. Doesn't mean she didn't - just means she's more natural and convincing.

And she impressed me as a strong politician. I wasn't in complete agreement with her, but she seems to have substance. What has Obama said besides "We need change"? And who's his running mate? An old white guy?

Reps or Dems, it's all the same rich folks just calling the shots. Get over it.
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No substance? Obama is often critisized for lack of substance in his speeches but I think his Denver speech was different because he actually addressed a lot of issues and what he would do as president. Which is maybe why I thought it was so boring. Obama's speech writer is Jon Favreau(not that one). They work as a team with Favreau doing a lot of editing of Obama's words.

Palin's speech was written by Mike Scully. He wrote most of it before she was picked then tailored it to her after. She did a great job delivering the speech but you could tell that a lot of the stuff about her was just tacked on. A big part of the rewrite was that Scully wrote the speech with a man in mind and had to revise some stuff accordingly.

Palin will not appeal to feminists at all. She may appeal to women in general more but I have to give women more credit than to think that they will vote Mccain simply because his running mate has a vagina.
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Last I checked, Obama was worth millions himself. And as far as I know, he hasn't used a dime of it to help his destitute half-siblings. So it seems that Republicans aren't the only ones "all about" money, hmm? At least McCain uses several of his "unknown" abodes to house less fortunate family members.
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Just a rumor, I'm not swearing to it - just something I heard. Palin's fabulous speech was written by Bush speech writers. Maybe all except the part about lipstick and the pitbull part (a very old joke) or was it lipstick/pig.....anyway I just wish the election were tomorrow. Like the pitbull and pig it's only gonna get uglier from here. What is important: VOTE YA'LL
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I love it when Palin supporters call her a former "journalist." I thought I heard she was a sportscaster. I guess sportscaster and journalist have the same meaning if you're a jock. A step above weather girl, I guess...either way, I think we're screwed if she makes it to the "final 2."
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Palin's Speech was written by Matthew Scully

I posted it earlier(accidentally said Mike) but I got flagged for moderation, I think because I used the word "vagina" :)
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September 6th, 2008 at 10:03 am
Nielo says : “Which one do you suppose garners the support of feminists?”

Green, let's take it even farther. SP believes creationism should be taught in schools. SP was for the bridge to no where before she was against it. But she did keep the $250+ million dollars in earmark money for the state. She is in favor of hunting bears, wolves, and other animals by shooting said animals from a low flying airplane. She is against stem cell research. We could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.
Neilo, what kind of convoluted, twisted logic would make you think feminists would support Palin just because Clinton isn't on the D's ticket? I guess you're today's living character from Orwell, since you seem to believe that up is down, black is white.
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@Hunter: The reason some people say Palin was a former journalist is because she earned a degree in journalism. But we forgive her, because she quit journalism and got an honest job.

@Dianne: Do you know that all politicians have speechwriters? Live and learn.

Why is it that everyone who hates Palin is so ignorant? I guess it's because they have to be.
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Paul: you should do a search on snopes for Palin. It might enlighten you. She is not for teaching creationism in the schools. And as an Alaskan, I too support predator controls like shooting wolves from planes *gasp* I guess that makes me a horrible person. I'd rather shoot a few wolves and keep their population down as to increase the number of moose so villages in rural Alaska don't starve. I guess if you had to choose between killing a wolf or starving the villages you couldn't care less. How compassionate of you.

Also you need to learn about sarcasm... of course the feminists won't support her. She's conservative. Feminism has nothing to do with empowering women. It only serves to advance liberalism.

She isn't against stem cell research, She is against government money for "embryonic" stem cell research. If you have to kill a fetus to do research than I'm against it too. You can gather as many stem cells from the afterbirth as you need. No reason to abort a fetus just to harvest it's cells. (again how compassionate of you)

The money for the bridge to nowhere did stay in the states general fund (the same fund used to improve roads and build schools (Aren't liberals always saying we need to spend more money for the children?) Every state uses federal funds for these same things. The fact that she wised up before the project got too far should be a good thing. She was one of the main people shutting it down.

We could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

Sorry to confuse you with the facts.
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McCain - Obama ????? I'm just glad I won't have to look at George Bush's beady- eyed ugly face after January. Right now I feel ANYBODY would be an improvement. That man has been an embarrassment from DAY ONE. Farewell George - go back to Texas where you belong.
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I did what you suggested, went to Snopes. Put "Sarah Palin" in their search box, and received three responses. Let me respond to you, point by point.
1. She is not for teaching creationism in schools. In the second Snopes discussion, it states she supports creationism but did nothing as Governor to promote it. So I'll concede this one to you.
2. Shooting wolves from planes. Not discussed on Snopes. Google "Sarah Palin + shooting wolves from planes" on the Snopes web site and you find 160,000 pages. I looked at the first 10 and they all said she condones it. Since you don't write very succinctly, I think you are saying "kill the wolves because wolves kill moose. We depend on moose for food." OK, I'll give you that one, but she did offer a $150 per front left leg of each wolf killed. (Anchorage Daily News, March 21, 2007.)
"Feminism has nothing to do with empowering women. It only serves to advance liberalism." Huh? Can you prove that convoluted thought?
Stem cell research: She is opposed. See The Boston Globe, August 29, the column titled "Articles of Faith". The headline of that particular column is "Sarah Palin on faith, life and creation".
Bridge to Nowhere, which falls under the "Pork Barrel" spending issue:
She did keep the money, but can you prove she spent it to improve roads and schools? She hired a lobbyist associated with Ted Stevens and Jack Abramhoff to raise $27 million in pork for a town of 5,000 people. In her two years as governor, Alaska has requested nearly $750 million in special spending, by far the largest per-capita request in the nation.
A couple of highlights from the second article on Snopes, which you probably did not read:
During her mayoral administration, most of the actual work of running her small town of 5000 people was turned over to an administrator. Kind of refutes her "executive experience", I would say.
During her 6 years as Mayor, general government expenditures increased by 33%, and the amount of taxes increased by 38%. She inherited a town with zero debt and left it with a debt of 22 million dollars.
"Troopergate." Discussed extensively at Snopes, you might have heard about it since you live in Alaska.
As Governor, she gave the Legislature no direction and no budget guidelines.
I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea.
Doesn’t it scare you that a person with these significant lack of qualifications has been nominated for the Vice Presidency of the United States? I’ll tell you, it sure as hell scares me.
I am NOT sorry to confuse you with the truth.
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Hey, SenorMys, gotta watch that language!
I heard part of the speech Obama gave in Denver, where he covered all the bases, and hit all the appropriate buzzwords. The impression I was left with was that he was simply regurgitating a bunch of middle-of-the-road views, trying to appeal to that all-important middle class by appearing moderate in everything. That's where he showed he is still a politician, and not so much a reformer.

Oh, and the tattoo? Sucks. Get a nice skull instead.
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My Dad taught me the value of thinking twice before getting a tattoo — even three times before getting a tattoo with someone's name on it — without saying a word. You see, he got this great tattoo of a heart with his girl's name — Esther — on a scroll across the front. It was even in two colors; a real extravagance for a WWII GI.

Then he got back from the war and married Celeste. And Celeste would remind him regularly that he had the wrong name on his arm. Not that he needed the reminder, but she was happy to offer it, especially when she wasn't happy with him for whatever reason.

So I would say that getting a tattoo with the name of an empty suit like Obama on it is as bad an idea as voting for the empty suit. Which is to say it's a really, really bad idea. So, please; don't do either.
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Concerning Family Values, something Republicans are proud to say they invented: Mrs. Palin has a special needs baby, a daughter who will soon need her help, the stress of having a son in the military when there is a war going on. Oh yea and some other kids who need their mommy too. Wouldn't you think a woman or man with that many responsibilities would say, "You know what ,I treasure my family so much I don't think this is the right time to serve my country in such a large capacity. Why, I might even have to be president if I need to step in at a moment's notice. So I think I'll pass for now and remember the basic backbone of FAMILY VALUES - "FAMILY FIRST." Just a thought. Or if she does become VP there is always Prozac and great nannies to help her along the way. So, whatever happens GOOD LUCK SARAH You win Super Mom of all Super Moms. Here's your crown - wear it proudly.
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Maybe she's on Red Bull and Mt. Dew! I loved the way they cleaned up the boyfriend of the knocked up daughter. All of the sudden he can't wait to get married and have kids. Do I smell a Republican "sponsored" scholarship to a college of his choice? He sure looked mighty uncomfortable at the convention. Maybe Grandma-to-be got out her huntin' rifle.
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Again she is not against stem cell research she is against the government funding abortions in the name of research. You may find it a small distinction but it none the less is a distinction conservatives want to be cleared up.

Standard operations for any state is to accept federal dollars into their general fund. (That's the only place it could go) This fund is for roads and schools as well as many other things. There's nothing to prove. If she kept the money (which I don't dispute) that's where it would HAVE to go.
The reason I say feminism has nothing to do with empowering women. It only serves to advance liberalism is because the feminist movement doesn't allow for women like Sarah Palin in their fold. She is a strong conservative woman therefore she must be attacked. Go and read anything written about her by any number of feminist groups out there and it's very easy to see. Condi is another great example. I've read countless amazing things demeaning her out there. She is someone the feminists despise. I've even heard them say she is a hermaphrodite. She made it on her own using conservative values therefore she doesn't fit the template.

As far as "troopergate" Walt Monegan the Public Safety Commissioner for Alaska refused to fire a state trooper who happened to be Palins former brother in-law. The rest of the story is always conveniently left out. Mike Wooten was the trooper in question. He was put on a 5 day suspension after he tasered his 10 year old step-son and issued death threats against Palins father several times. The safety commissioner serves at the pleasure of the governor and she was well within her rights(if not duties) to fire Monegan over this as well as many other reasons. Only a 5 day suspension and a returning to duty after tasering a 10 year old boy? What would you say if that was your son?

I'm by no means completely happy with Palin I've got a list of gripes with her. You're just barking at all the wrong ones.

Doesn’t it scare you that a person with significant lack of qualifications has been nominated for the Presidency of the United States? I’ll tell you, it sure as hell scares me. (Obama)

(yes I did read that second article (letter) on snopes It's hardly relevant to any of the points I've made. I wont argue that she's been perfect for my state. I have several gripes of my own. Several within that letter I'd agree with.

My only point was that no posts have been made about Palin getting the VP slot, but tons about the Messiah.
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Dear Evil: No ,I'm saying every woman (or man) has to evaluate their own personal situation before taking on the 2nd most important and stressful job in the world. I am a working woman with kids. I know the stress believe me.
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Carla, your previous comment put women's lib back into the stone age.

And your explanation is not very accurate. You didn't say every woman (or man) has to evaluate their own personal situation. You made a number of sarcastic comments implying that you didn't think she could do both jobs, and that she had poor judgment in taking on the nomination. Why? Because she's a Republican, and that's your red flag. Did you feel the same way about Hillary?

The woman is already governor of Alaska. That's probably a bit more responsibility already than whatever job you're doing (certainly more than mine). So, I doubt you know half the stress.
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For a succinct view of Obama's accomplishments, go here:
Comments on that? The saddest thing is the way she is being shielded from any press. Granted, we haven't had investigative press since Woodward and Bernstein during Watergate. Someone a heartbeat away from the most important job on earth (and that's a 72 year old 4 time cancer survivor's heartbeat) needs to be vetted by the American people. And the Charlie Gibson interview that has been announced will be no more that a simple question love fest, with no controversial questions put to her at all.
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Yea, "L" for LOVE CUE the Doves!!! No matter who wins I believe we will have a much better President than the current one so in a sense we ALL win. Peace, Love and Happiness to all
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Carla, I know what you were trying to say. You were making a bitter comment about Republican politics, and trying to insinuate that the woman herself is a hypocrite.

It was kind of a cheap shot, attacking her personal situation - even though when Bill Clinton was getting sucked off in the Oval Office by an intern all the Dems were crying "stay out of his personal life".

Geez, I'm sounding all Republican here, and I don't really care for either side.
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Dear Carla: Don't back down now. There are still a handful of us out there who believe that once you have children, they come first! Women who do what is right for their family whether it's going out to get a job, deciding to be a stay-at-home Mom (the hardest job EVER) or a combination of both. I feel this woman has too much on her plate for this VP job. But as you stated - Good luck Sarah! I have been around MANY super-moms and eventually something always has to be subtracted from their busy schedule.
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Maybe she’s on Red Bull and Mt. Dew! I loved the way they cleaned up the boyfriend of the knocked up daughter. All of the sudden he can’t wait to get married and have kids. Do I smell a Republican “sponsored” scholarship to a college of his choice? He sure looked mighty uncomfortable at the convention. Maybe Grandma-to-be got out her huntin’

Wow Howard L, it sounds like you knew the boy personally before this. You know how many Liberal politicians daughters have gotton knocked up?? Hell no you don't know because they get them to an abortion clinic within a month and have the little scandal "removed" before it can cause any back lash. Anyone can kill a baby to save face, it takes a real woman to stand up and be a mommy. By the way, do you think she is the first 17 year old to have sex??? HAHA HAHA you are a moron. All this baby proves to me is Palin practices what she preaches, she could have forced her to murder her baby, but she is against abortion. Practicing what she preaches, dang now THAT is change in Washington.

Liberal- a person so open minded their brain fell out
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