Life in the Womb

National Geographic Channel and Channel 4 will present a documentary in Britain featuring photographs of various animal species before they are born. Extraordinary Animals In The Womb will air October 20th.
Ground-breaking photographic techniques, plus state-of-the-art graphics, 4-D scanning techniques and the most sophisticated natural history models ever, have all been used to provide an unparalleled glimpse into a world that few of us would ever expect to see.

For the first time ever, we can follow the embryonic journey of four different animals: our kangaroo, the lemon shark, the Emperor penguin, and the parasitic wasp. And one of the most jaw-dropping sequences is a glimpse of the joey just before he is born - a mass of kicking legs and punching arms, raring to go.

Not all the stories are cute and cuddly. Lemon shark fetuses eat their siblings! The Mail Online has a sneak peak with photographs of several species, including a larger image of the kitten shown here. Link -via Unique Daily

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I remember watching a documentary I believe that was similar to this on NG. It was quite fascinating. It was all about the birth of a baby elephant.
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No worries, Tempscire; I had no intention of instigating a flame war, but things like that start around here with little provocation. It's just that when topics like this come up, the connection to the life issue seem pretty natural, and pointing out the inconsistencies in the story line coming from the left is pretty easy comment fodder. Entertaining too.

Besides, Tim W. started it. ;o)

@Nicholas Dollak
"I’m sure that at least some of the crowd arguing about whether a foetus is “alive” are joking…"

Yes, joking a bit, but with the intention of poking holes in the pro-abortion position, with the (sometimes vain) hope of convincing someone of the truth of the pro-life position.

"but, without dragging ethics into the equation, here it is: Yes, an embryo or foetus is considered to be alive in the scientific sense.

Not only is the fetus "alive in the scientific sense", it is also a unique individual in a strictly scientific sense. That's something the pro-abort crowd conveniently dismisses.

"However, it cannot sustain itself outside of the womb until it reaches a certain point in its development."

True enough, but even beyond that point a human child cannot sustain itself outside the womb; it requires care rendered by an adult in order to survive. The child is no less vulnerable before or after that magical moment of birth, but somehow the distinction is made that a child outside the womb is worthy of protection, but the one inside the womb is expendable. That makes no sense on any level.
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Hey Dollak... Does that same standard apply to infants than? They are unable to sustain themselves even when they are out of the womb. Usually they are unable to do that until about 3 years or so. Just curious.
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