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That's. Outstanding.
My theatre friends and I wanted to do something like this (in a much smaller caliber) in one of our lunch halls, but couldn't get enough time to rehearse with finals week and all.
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Good ole Missouri looks like we have the chicken pox.
It's not completely right, though.
We have four Wal-Marts in and out of the city limits of Columbia, and they only show one dot. Hmmmm.
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Peeves and Morlock-
I'm from a town in Missouri where we hunt as well. My family owns about 100 acres, and we don't shoot the deer just for sport, or even spend a ton of money on camo and equipment like you seem to believe is the case. Hunting is legal for a reason: overpopulation. There are too many deer as it is, and hunting keeps them in check. Which would you rather have: so many deer that they are all dying of starvation because they are eating all of the food, or having hunters attempt to control the population?

Also, most hunters (I'm not claiming all, but everyone I hunt with is included in this) eat the meat from the deer. It's quite tasty and there's a lot of it, so we don't have to spend a lot of money on hamburger and other meats. Yes, it is an adrenaline rush, but it's legal and I don't see anything wrong with it to be honest.
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See, we just took one of those cushioned bleacher seats, cut a whole in them, and placed inside the bag from a box of wine and drank it that way.
Cheaper, and much more fun!
Not so smart though...
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