Central Station Freeze Meets Evolution of Dance

A nice commercial from T-Mobile that feels like a mix between the very popular Frozen in Grand Central and Evolution of Dance video clips.

Link [YouTube] via Videon

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It's REAL and COOL. I know I was there. Sure they copied other flash mobs and it was rehearsed, But seeing that when I was on my way to work was kick ass. I walked in about half way through. It is Liverpool St station.
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being a creative, that ruled.

they sold the brand, their not selling the phone.

ask yourself this, where do you shop, walmart or target? it's the same dumb stuff, but target has a better brand identity, so you shop there because you think it's better.

tmobile didn't show case a single one of their phones there, their selling you the idea of a phone, which is much much more effective.

and for all those that think these guys just ripped it off from someone else, wake up honey pie, it's like that all the way down, whether you choose to accept it or not is your idea. It's all perspective, and incredibly relative.
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No, this is not nice at all. It was very nice when Improv Everywhere did it and it was nice when other flashmobs from around the world copied it. T-mobile perverted the idea by shamelessly using it for their own gain. Nothing original, nothing creative.
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It is Liverpool Street Station, kusito. Possibly the one and only time I have ever seen it in a sober state. I think I prefer it near last train time when I am drunk.
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As soon as I saw this ad come on my TV I hated it. Very original commercial guy. T-mobile have lost me as a customer for good.

Unless it's a really good deal. My principles are cheap.
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