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Watch Wal-Mart Take Over America

This animation just confirms what I already knew: Wal-Mart is sweeping the nation like an unstoppable virus. It's pretty amazing to see how the company has exploded across the States since 1965. Click on the link to see it go from one dot (one store), to a few dots, to several dots, to a handful to dots, to complete domination.

Link via DarkRoastedBlend

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Walmart is not the power house that every body thinks it is. first and foremost Walmart is a low price point product leader. That type of business model is not sustainable although it may appear that walmart is spreading like a virus. What you may not know is Walmart is having major problems with profit. Remember Newberrys,Zoody's,Woolworth,super K mart they too were low price point product leaders and did last a good 18 plus years. But guess what they all went bankrupt and gone forever.Pricing your product super low in any business is absolute stupidity PERIOD!! watch wait and see the walmart giant come crashing down!! the only store I feel may make it is Target for the simple reason that they price point is much higher than walmar's and the quality is much much better. And No I do not work their It's just what I gathered from my shopping experience.
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Well, if you're going to take such a negative tone towards WalMart by calling it a virus, why don't you compare it to the spread of Obama's popularity. Talk about a fast spreading cancer. Graph that one!
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"Many people would rather give their business to the so-called “mom and pop” shops, but such stores are, unfortunately, only open around 9-5."

"Sad thing is, “Mom and Pop” can’t afford to stay open 24 hours in order to compete."

Note to mom and pop: Change your hours and stay in business. I grew up in a small town with a walmart that has never been open for 24 hours. It's called competition. In high school, I worked for a locally owned grocer in the same town as a huge wallmart and our hours were 8-midnight. We did fine. In fact, that store, along with the local walmart, has grown. Capitalism is an amazing thing when you don't hate it.
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What a tremendous success story! As said before, a map like this could be made for Starbucks, McDonald's, the number of people who have a PC that runs Windows or Apple and on and one.
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"If people didn’t want to shop at Walmart, they would not spread."

That is not entirely true. Many people would rather give their business to the so-called "mom and pop" shops, but such stores are, unfortunately, only open around 9-5, especially in smaller towns. People who work can't make it to those stores during those hours, so they're forced to do their shopping at Wal-Mart. Such is the reason Wal-Mart always does so well in small towns.

Sad thing is, "Mom and Pop" can't afford to stay open 24 hours in order to compete.
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