The Deer Strikes Back

Randy Goodman of Sedalia, Missouri, thought that he had killed a deer with a well-placed shot to the neck. As he marvelled over his lucky catch, the deer came to life and exacted a little revenge:

As the nine-point, 240-pound buck lay lifeless the unexpected happened. The buck stood up and knocked Goodman on his butt, attacking him with his antlers.

“It was 15 seconds of hell,” Goodman said. Goodman thought the deer was trying to go through him as he fought it off the best he could. A few seconds later, the deer was off and running. “I felt his front legs go over my face,” Goodman said.

The buck ran 30 yards and fell down again and Goodman was worried the deer wasn’t done yet. “If he was going to come back I would be in trouble because I was in too much pain,” Goodman said.

Link (Photo: Randy Goodman)

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@Rocky Rook

If ever you are in the Austin area, around Lake Travis, that scene plays itself out any time you drive up around there. I hated going anywhere near the lake because I always feared that no matter how careful I was, I would hit one of those vermin. They just hang out in the road in huge numbers.

When I saw that movie, even though I thought it sort of stunk, I was so creeped out by that scene because of that.

Seriously, though, I think tonight is going to be a venison night around here.
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I just dont like to kill things. Doesnt make me any better or worse than someone that hunts. Damnit people stop getting so angry at each other!

All I have to say is: This story is newsworthy???? Come-awn.
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Let's not forget that if it weren't for the hunter based environmental groups, this continent (North America) would have been trashed before the end of the 1920s, and about 80-85% of all current grass roots environmentalism is done by hunting groups. (Ducks unlimited, Pheasants forever, etc....)
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