You Know You're Australian If ...

Miss Cellania has a fun list "You know you're Australian if ..." on her blog. Includes such gems as:

3. You think it's normal to have a leader called Kevin.

9. You pronounce Melbourne as "Mel-bin".

7. You believe it makes sense for a country to have a $1 coin that's twice as big as its $2 coin.

I can't believe there's no mention of barbie: Link

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Extremely RARE to hear anyone say "barbie"? I live in the Goldfields in WA, in other words the OUTBACK you know that place where anyone from the eastern states wouldn't know anything about. (PS There is no outback in NSW or VIC.)

Well, here we say "barbie" all the time, as well as "little beauty" AND "g'day" AND "cobber" AND "cud" so my advice for you is come back when your a true aussie and not a sofy seppo clone. You wouldn't be able to hold a conversation out in the country yourself, nothing soft gets in.

For you non-aussies reading this, it is a prime example of West vs East (in states that is).

Catcha 'round, MATE.
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If you have experienced these;
1) When you get a phone call on your cell phone,you answer and you pay for the call.
2)1) When you get a SMS message and unwanted and uninvited rintone SMS message on your cell phone,you pay for the call.
3)You egt a single ring on your cell phone and you stupidly make a return call - you pay for it.This happens
with all Aussie telcos.
5)Because of John Howard, all employees has to wait 3 months probation period.During that time you earn employers' contributions to your superannuation.For years, procedures been thoroughly abused by thousand and one Superannuation Fund Managers armed with pertinent Superannuation Law. Only Employers (contributors) can open your account with your name and no ID required) call a shot and do with Company they tied up with.Before 3 months you leave and get another job and you get another account with another Superannuation Fund Managers.So on ,and after 2 - 3 years you go on closing all acounts and request for transfer to one you prefer to have.That time your ID is required to transfer to other account with your same name and it usually takes 3 months( a drawn-out process).
After enduring so much, idiot George Bush from USA messed up the world financial system and your savings becomes FROZEN or disappeared.
6) knows the meaning of weird slang - hokidori ( literally means OK)
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