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There's not enough information to determine whether this was 'stupid heroism' or not. His friend may still have been conscious, or had a movable injury; or possibly there was no one nearby to flag down for help.

The indignation should be towards the hit & run people, and the people who might have seen this kid carrying his injured friend, but failed to stop and help, or even bother to call 911.

Man, this just makes me hate Houston even more. The drivers just seem so mean when I have to go through there.
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If it was you in the accident, and doctors told you afterwards that, had the "rescuer" NOT pulled you out, that you'd still be able to walk... well, you'd be upset about that, right? I know I would!

Unfortunately, not all good intentions have good results.
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matt: someone on the link's comment section just said "vital remains"; I did a google search and found a metal band's websites, so I assume that's them!
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Gauldar: the boy-blue/girl-pink association is a only recent, and Western, cultural association. It used to be reversed, as pink was merely a gentler shade of red, which was associated with strong masculinity.
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The father calling the cops is totally low, and a waste of tax dollars. She'd told the TEENAGERS (who should have known better) multiple times not to trespass her yard. Picking on a elderly widow who just wants to be left in peace is utterly shameful.
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If he went behind his wife's back on naming their child (no matter whether he named her McCain, Obama, NASCAR, or Rambo), that's totally messed up, and disrespectful of his wife. He's Mr. McDouchey-Pants in my book!
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The bailout proposed would only keep the corporations involved from sinking. NONE of that money would go back to small investors or account holders. The proposed bailout includes NO accountability - not even a wrist slap for the businessmen who screwed up.

Having a FREE MARKET means that if you make bad business decisions, you FAIL, and there is no reason you would deserve a handout from the government (via YOUR and MY POCKETS).

It's more like they burned our house down, and now they're asking us to buy them another house, while we have to rebuild and keep living in the destroyed one.
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