Dreaming in Black and White

Do you dream in color? Or black and white? It turns out that the color of your dreams is determined by what TV you watched growing up:

While almost all under 25s dream in colour, thousands of over 55s, all of whom were brought up with black and white sets, often dream in monchrome - even now.


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You dream in color simply because that is how nature has been since forever. With the introduction of black and white television, the mind was exposed to the possibilty of a monochromatic enviroment. Since those older people were a part of that time in history, it has made more of an impression on their minds.

I'd also bet the farm that should we ever create a holographic enviroment where everything was semi transparent, you would start having dreams that way. Most likely it would be quite often during intial exposure and the decline with time.
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so, dreaming in color after the 60s had NOTHING to do with the introduction of LSD and other hallucinogens?

and what about the people between 25-55? they were not even included in this study... do their dreams look like unfinished color-by-number pictures?

i always thought EVERYONE dreamt in b/w, but because we know what color things "should" be we perceive color in our dreams. the same for our memories. everyones' memories are black and white, but because we know "timmy was wearing a red shirt that day" we "see" a red shirt in the memory. i think that seems more likely than that of the TV transition from b/w to color.....
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I have always been fascinated w/the Brain and dreaming. I do not ever recall any of my dreams too be in Blk/Wht.
They are always colorful, Very Bright and Radiant Colors. I do recall having a cartoon'd Dream. That was crazy in it's self. As for dreams related to how we watch T.V. in our younger years, well, I Watched A Lot of
Cartoons. But anymore the dreams I have relate to life as I know it now. It is like I go to sleep and wake up in another life role, I feel, smell, hear everything around me just like In this waking hour. Very ViViD..
YEA!!!!. Like your sight you have going on here. Keep it up.
Thanx, Kandy Kane.
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