Toddler Dancing to Beyoncé: Cute or Disturbing?

Thingamababy blog has a viral video clip - the original has over 1 million views - of a young girl named Arianna dancing to Beyoncé's Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). She (Arianna) has the moves down pat, but is it cute or disturbing (or a little of both) to let your toddler watch MTV for its, um, videos of scantily clad pop stars dancing?

Link [embedded YouTube clip]

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I think it is disturbing that people watch MTV at all... much better things to do with your time.

We learn so much when we are young... much more than we are capable to as adults. The difference is that children don't have any life experience to decide for themselves what is COOL, right, wrong, innapropriate, intelligent, dumb... they look to the allowances, prodding, reaction etc of adults and others to decide for them.

I believe in positive reinforcement especially for our children. I don't look up to and would not want my children looking up to Beyonce.

I vote disturbing for most of the reasons listed above.

We don't have enough experience with this kind of TV (and certain video games for that matter) to see the magnitude of how it will affect future generations. So far I think that we can tell that it has destroyed many. At least it has limited the ambition of many and altered realities.

Look at the statistics of age groups (starting at 0 months) and how much time the spend watching TV daily.

Go read a book! Read your children books. Encourage positive behaviour.
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How do you even KNOW for a fact she was watching it on MTV??? Maybe she heard it on the radio and got the video off of cable? Most cable providers now provide music and music video channels that are specifically ALL music....
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The act itself is cute and innocent. It's a little girl dancing to music.

The distubing part is that someone who KNOWS the content of the song/video she's dancing to (assumption: her parents?) and decides to tape it and put it on youtube. That person would have to be all sorts of nieve to not see the implications of putting such a thing ON THE INTERNET. Its not like it's on VHS for her grandparents to see. "Everybody knows that there are tons of 'bad people' on the internet."
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I doubt a pedophile would find that any more exciting than any other dumb videos of a kid moving around. Watched about 30 seconds of it: bo-ring.
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