Father Named Baby Daughter Sarah McCain Palin Behind Mom's Back

How far would you go to support your presidential candidate? Most people donate money or buy bumper stickers and such. There are some who are enthusiastic enough who volunteer in the campaign ... then there is Mark Ciptak.

Here's what he did:

“I decided to actually name her Sarah McCain Palin,” he said. “I’m totally McCain all the way.”

A blood bank employee for the American Red Cross, Ciptak said he chose the name to show his support and to encourage others to vote.

But Sarah McCain Palin is not the name Ciptak and his wife, Layla, originally agreed upon. “I sort of secretively went behind her back and changed the paperwork,” Ciptak said. Ava Grace was the name originally chosen by the couple.

Fueled by his new idea, Ciptak caused a distraction and some confusion at the hospital by using two separate birth certificate forms. “With the stress of everything going on, she, I guess, didn’t realize that a new form was printed with my handwriting because my handwriting is very noticeable, very unique,” he said of his wife.


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After the divorce, when the wife publishes her book, PLEASE put me on the mailing list !

Oh, and if she needs money for the divorce attorney, just have her contact me for a large donation... that "man" could be used to fertilize anyones lawn.

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This guy is ridiculous for going behind his wife's back, but the whole "politics in childbirth" thing is certainly not new, I can't tell you how many Jimmy Carters and Ronald Reagans I've met. Also an Augustus Caesar, but I'd kill for a name like that ;)
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