88-Year-Old Grandma Arrested For Not Returning Kid's Ball

Frustrated that a neighbor's kid's ball kept on landing in her front yard, Edna Jester decided that she wasn't going to give it back - so the neighbor called the police on her!

Cops arrested the 88-year-old grandmother and charged her with petty theft!

A frustrated Edna Jester took the football last Thursday evening after it landed, once again, in the yard of her Blue Ash home, where she has lived since April 1949. When Jester refused to return the football, neighbor Paul Tanis, 40, called the cops. Though police warned that she would be arrested unless she returned the football ...

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justme64_photos - You have serious problems if you've gone to all this trouble and expense over kids walking into your backyard to get a ball. You _know_ that there's no problem, yet you treat it like a huge imposition on your property rights. I'd like to fly out and help those kids egg your house next Halloween.
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This past Friday for the 3rd time the kid across the street had his ball kicked into my back yard. He has be repeated warned not to play in the street where the ball could get onto my property. I even had my attorney send them a demand letter warning them the next time it happened I'd sue them. So the ball came in and they came onto the property without permission, I motioned them to leave the property through my bedroom window. I should mention at the time they came onto the property I didn't know the ball was again in my yard. I was down with back spasms and between the pain meds and muscle relaxers I was shall we say very dizzy. So the kids father (6'ft or so...I'm 5'3") came through my yard and started repeatedly ringing my doorbell then banging on the door and then banged on the bedroom window. At the time I had no idea why he was even on the property and in my condition I wasn't about to get out off bed again. So about an hour later just as the wife is getting home the adult came right over and demanded the ball back immediately. The wife told em as soon as she could she'd get it. Shortly there after, the cops showed up to retrieve the ball. Once the wife explained that I didn't know about the ball and was down with the back spasms he said he understood. The wife told them that had they be playing at the park rather than the street next to our house it wouldn't have yet again gotten into our yard. Well the adult said no it came from the park two houses away (let's just say none of these kids are professional soccer or pro football kickers and it would be next to impossible to kick it that far). The cop agreed and left once their little precious ball was returned. We had read this story before so we weren't about to keep it. The video cams have captured all the trespass and will be handed over to the attorney for violations of the demand letter. Oh and the backyard cam showed it came from near our house not the playground where they should have been. Parents and kids these days have no respect for private property and frankly neither do the parents. Hopefully I'll get a district judge who'll actually believes in property rights and will issue a restraining order....check out the videos of all the problems these kids cause me at photobucket using my name. Flipping me off, running through my yard, even got egged on halloween (took us 2 hours to clean the mess up).
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My husband's gran fell over and got a giant bruisy scrape last year whilst trying to kick a ball out of the yard. She is only 79! Sorry, but i have to side with the granny, because most of the old people i know find it difficult just to walk let alone bend down.
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gosh, this all sounds so wrong! in some ways this story is like something from the past. in other aspects it heralds this new world of totally poor boundaries we live in!
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