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I like a good quarter of those, or parts of them, although there's at least one in there I kind of love. On the other hand, 50% of them are awful, and they still look better than anything Michael Graves did.
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Well, apart from the lead pipes issue, in the US tap water is safer than bottled water because it is tested rigorously every day for MANY different contaminants. You can only have so many parts per million before they shut stuff down to treat it for disease or chemicals. And since bottled water is often just bottled tap water, it's pretty much just a ripoff.

But good for them for fighting all the waste. =)
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No, Justin, I agree completely. All the ones of it flying look too shiny and they all appear to be at *exactly* the same angles.

Are they supposed to be shots of "what it's supposed to look like if it works" or something? Because they really give off the photoshopped vibe.
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"Heath Campbell said he named his son after Adolf Hitler because he liked the name and because "no one else in the world would have that name.""

Yeah, know one, you know, except for HITLER.
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So is this designed by the same people who did the Bahamas "Atlantis" resort, or is it just a really bad ripoff? Because it looks way too similar not to be a coincidence, except that... it's worse. I don't really see what makes it "Atlantis"-y.

If anyone actually knows, I am very curious because I'm studying the Bahamas' Atlantis for a project.
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I don't think Aloha Airlines counts--they've been struggling since gas prices went up so much and tourism went down (and tourism is integral to Hawaii's economy). And they went down pretty early this year.
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I don't get it, what's so special about it? There are about a hundred better mods over at steamfashion on livejournal. (community.livejournal.com/steamfashion)
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The eyes do look pretty good, but the sides of her mouth don't move enough. I think the problem is just that there's so much subtelty to the face that it would take a super long time to get it all. And it's always the mouths that bother me the most, it seems.
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Half of it is really creepy-backwater like that, and half of it is super nice people. Such a weird place to live, but it's nice.
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That's rather misleading to say that. Vampire bats on their own are not deadly, and they are far from being the only carriers of rabies. In fact, bats in general are dangerous as carriers of rabies.

Which is sad because I love bats =(
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How am I the first one to suggest Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? And I mean all five books in the trilogy. ;) I love them.

Seconding/thirding Ender's Game.

Also, American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
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