What is it? Game 73

Today's collaboration with the What is it? Blog brings us this strange object. As you can see, it's a driving instruction of sorts - but what is it specifically for?

Place your guess in the comment section - no prize this week, you're playing for fame and glory. For more clues and guessing game fun, check out the What is it? blog.

Update 8/24/08 - The answer is: Pre-satellite navigation driving instructions, according to the owner these devices were used by substitute bus drivers. Congratulations to Blakesta who got it right (or as close to it) first!

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if that is an abandoned railroad track then I wonder if it has been turned into a bike path? just might have to check that out since it isn't that far away from home. Recognize those road names since they are still there. But what is with all that description of the grades for? It is as if a person has an challenge in the method they are using to travel this route. Today it could be a bike trail map for sure.
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This looks like the route directions that we still use when doing old school bike rallies between cities. The point is not to get to the end in the fastest time, but to get there in the most accurate time. A lot of the races required you to remove speedos and odometers, meaning that you had to guage your speed and distnace simply by using a stop watch. The times on the left of the list are indications of where you should be and when. Not sure if that is what this is for, but it does look like it. The whole damned box fits on your handle-bars and looks very out of place. But then that's just my two cents.
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