Meet Emily

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Emily was created by Image Metrics in California, the same company that created the graphics for the game Grand Theft Auto.
"Ninety per cent of the work is convincing people that the eyes are real," Mike Starkenburg, chief operating officer of Image Metrics, said.

"The subtlety of the timing of eye movements is a big one. People also have a natural asymmetry - for instance, in the muscles in the side of their face. Those types of imperfections aren't that significant but they are what makes people look real."

Link -Thanks, MoonCake!

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I would have been fooled, but yeah, there were things wrong with the face. The eyes have a vacant look - as if she were high - or maybe a porn star.

The mouth doesn't quite do what a mouth should do.

Parts of the video are the distractions - the kind of smoke and mirrors that magicians use to create the illusion. It kind of cheapens what they're trying to do.

The video at their site was interesting, but it was not as effective - looked more like Shrek movements.
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Ummm, vintagek8, they are getting the idea's about how the video was made FROM the video. She plainly states that a live actress was used before the rendering....

Maybe another look is warranted?
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The tech demo video on their company site is actually funnier and more interesting.

Take a look at that one. For something that is a rendering based on video recordings rather than motion capture... it's actually quite stunning.

The big giveaways tend to be the lack of frown lines/wrinkles and such, but it's still impressive given the lack of super expensive equipment used in the process.
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