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Too easy! Clue number one "special environment". Clue number two was what appears to be a sheath for a diving knife in the background of the photo.

It's a gorgeous firearm, though!
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I was taught in 4th grade to use 2 spaces. I still do it. I've had plenty of people tell me I'm doing it wrong, but they can't cite any legitimate source for the rule.

I don't get worked up over people who use a single space. I wonder what it is about the double-space that causes such animosity.

So far, I see the opposite of what the OP says. It seems like the majority of the comments (and the majority of my experience) have been single-spacers getting upset, while double-spacers shrug.

You want to use a single space, that's OK with me. I use a double because that's what I was taught. Not because it comes down to "right" versus "wrong."

(Also, I use the extra comma. Rice, beans, and cheese. Not rice, beans and cheese.)
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I'm guessing Indy is in favor of sales tax, gas tax, etc. You want money to maintain the roads, put a tax on vehicle registration and gasoline. Obviously phones and hospitals are paid for by those who use them. So I don't think it's fair to say "no income tax = you want everything for free."

If I want to make a million dollars a year and use up the same resources as someone who makes 20,000 a year, shouldn't I pay the same as them?

Some states have higher sales tax and zero state income tax. What's wrong with that? You pay taxes based on what you spend, not what you earn.
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I used to go to a friend's house and jam in his basement. One day, his poodle started "singing" with us. We tempted Noodle the Poodle with a tortilla chip, and recorded the vocals. The song eventually became "Noodle's Groove".
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Francesca, you seem to have a lot of nasty things to say about people you've never met. I wonder if you treat your customers the same way you treat people over the internet. The same people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet are the same people who go back to the kitchen and tamper with food.

You strike me as a rather passive-aggressive person, and I'm seriously doubting your statements that you don't spit in food.

Anyway... When I get good service, I generally tip WAY more than the standard 15%. But when the service is sub-standard (and it rarely is) I tip less than 15%. What really bothers me is people who DEMAND more than 15% or say things like "15% is a MINIMUM."

You may want to go back and re-read what I've said in the comments here. All I'm saying is that 15% should be sufficient if the service is sufficient, and if someone thinks that's bad pay, they should find another job. I even broke it down as to why that 15% works out to more pay than most people get per hour at jobs that require a similar level of education.

I also said that if someone doesn't like a job where their pay is contingent on people's mood, they should find another job. That's pretty much it.

I don't know why you think you need to complain about people like me, or why you attack me personally.

You are obviously very passionate about this subject. But I think some of the passion may be misdirected. Rather than defend your fellow wait staff, you are basically throwing insults around at customers, while ratting out your coworkers for spitting in food.

If you really wanted to make your industry look good, you wouldn't present the spit-in-the-food thing like it's so common, and you wouldn't personally attack people when they disagree with you.
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Yes, everybody should work as a waiter for 6 months so they too can spit phlegm into people's food because their life sucks. I've had lots of jobs where I was underpaid and got yelled at. Requiring people to work as a waiter? Laughable. Some of us skip the food service and go straight to a job where the pay doesn't depend on someone else's mood.

You complain about the conditions and pay, and yet you've worked waiting tables since you were 17. So which is it? If the pay is that bad, why do you still do it?
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