Why Americans Hate Taxes

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Everybody hates paying taxes (I mean, it's taxes for goodness sakes), but some American are vehemently opposed to them.

To find out exactly why, researchers polled a group of middle-class, small business owners in the South, an area known for its anti-tax stance and support for the Tea Party. They discovered that the issue of taxes isn't just about dollars and cents - it's basically about fairness:

The participants "portray taxation as a threat to the moral order because they believe taxes deprive deserving hardworking middle class people of dignity, while rewarding others who are undeserving (both rich and poor)," the researchers write this week in the journal Symbolic Interaction. [...]

The interviews in the new study revealed participants associated income taxes as violating the moral principle that hard work should be rewarded, the researchers noted. So rather than being associated with a free-market ideology or a person's own economic interests, at least for these taxpayers, tax hostility was more linked with moral principles.

"When Americans lash out at 'takeovers,' 'massive taxes' and 'bailouts,' they are looking at these issues from the perspective of a hardworking middle class besieged on all sides," Kidder said in a statement. "Tax talk is about dollars, but it is also about a moral sense of what is right."

Jeanna Bryner of LiveScience has the full story: Link 

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I have no problem with taxes, however I do have a problem with income taxes. An income tax is basically the equivalent of the government saying that you do not have the right to all the fruits of your labor. They steak claim to a portion of your livelihood and you are gracious for whatever portion they allow you to keep. In essence it's part-time slavery. It shouldn't be anybody's (especially the government's) business to know how much money you make.

There many forms of taxation the government can use to raise funds. The income tax just happens to be the most vile, abusive, and manipulative form. It also happens to be the most power giving, so I doubt we will ever seen and end to it.
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If 30% of my income is taken to pay for universal healthcare (I'm British), roads, police, fire service, the armed forces, roads, schools, street lighting, public parks and outdoor spaces, conservation, care for the elderly, the homeless, and the disabled, and for foreign aid to those countries without all these and many other advantages which we first world people take for granted... I can't really see a problem with it.

Income tax: the more you earn, the more you pay. Yes, that seems fair to me, given that the more we earn the more we can AFFORD to pay. I never see the money anyway, so it's never really mine. I wonder if Indy wants all the benefits I've listed provided for free. The money has to come from somewhere.
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Can we start having a serious discussion about severing this country in two or possibly three? For the people who benefit substantially from taxes in all of its forms to be morally opposed to paying it should live in their own tax free utopia. I'd like to make sure they begin their new country free of all of the things that taxes have provided (which would leave them almost nothing), but that's not very nice. When they decry not getting to a hospital in time because they have no phones to call an ambulance, no roads to drive on and no hospital to provide care, they'd likely cry foul, but we don't work like that.

Seriously, let's cite irreconcilable differences and call half red, half blue and the other half whatever. We're not getting along anyway, let the tax-free moralists have their own place to be morally superior.
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To those who think that living without taxes means living without a great many structural conveniences that we take for granted, I think they vastly underestimate the nature of the people who pay taxes, most likely judging them by their own standard.
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@Nick - ah yes you Brits love to pay taxes and forget Americans hate it. I think I remember a little scrimmage we awhile ago to emphasis the point.
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