Court Case Could Force Quebecois to be Married Against Their Will

In Quebec, where over a million people are unmarried but cohabiting, such couples are recognized as "de facto spouses," but the law put them under no obligation to each other if they break up. However, a "palimony" case involving an unnamed billionaire and his de facto spouse of ten years could end that. The couple split in 2002, and her case for support was appealed until she won in 2010. That decision set a precedent for every de facto couple in Quebec.
The sums of money involved make Eric and Lola’s case somewhat absurd to the average Canadian. But it could shape the lives of the 1.2 million Quebecois in de facto couples, making them as good as married, even though neither of them exchanged rings or asked the other person’s permission to spend their lives together.

The Quebec government has appealed the decision of the Supreme Court, which will rule on the matter in July. Link  -via Fark

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ForReallyReal, yes, the same status is extended to gay couples who cohabitate. No, love is not a requirement. No, sharing rent doesn't automatically make two people in the same space as a defacto couple. They have to live together and file their taxes together checking the [] couple box. It's an intentional act by both parties to gain defacto couple status and shows intent to live together but not enter into the legal contract called marriage.
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The title is misleading, as no one is being forced to get married.
"Quebec is the only province in Canada where spousal support payments are not recognized by law for de facto spouse" This is just fact in the rest of Canada. It's good for some situations, but sucks for the partner of a lying, cheating, thieving son of a gun.
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