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but unlike myspace and friendster facebooks appeal is no longer the site itself but how large it's base is

you can't say no to facebook because there are no other options and everybody is already on it
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it's a well thought out site with lots of good uses for regular people.

it's not a lambo but it will get you to the post office.

tumblr, twitter, and other sites are more ego driven in their social networking capacity.

(also buzzbo has made a good point with his non-anecdotal evidence)
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i've seen this same idea applied to many fantastical childrens shows

the reality in adventure time is that the world suffered through a nuclear holocaust though

which is somewhat scarier than finn being in a coma
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i am a professional driver and in my opinion if you are a good motorist you should never come close to hitting a cyclist and they should never slow you down. the only thing which slows me down is old people who shouldn't be allowed to retain a license given their quickly debilitating motor skills and senses. if you think cyclists are annoying on the road it just means you aren't a good driver. if you hit a cyclist it means you are a terrible driver and shouldn't be allowed to drive. if you hit a tree it means you are a terrible driver and shouldn't be allowed to drive. if you don't use your turn signals because you can't be bothered to exert the effort required to flip them on when rounding a should be hung and quartered.

driving is serious business and i am consistently disappointed in how many unqualified humans beings are given the right to engage in that activity.
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youtubes decline has definitely been dramatic in quality and...ease of use...

my main concern is the allusion to google +

bleeehhhh why can't google just be happy controlling a lot of stuff and not everything

"we're not good at social media sites" no you aren't...please stop trying...
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the death star is run by mostly bumbling storm troopers. the borg is literally so insidious it's scary.

the borg cube could just crash into the deathstar and the borg would win. some borg would surely survive the crash and the void of space and then from there everything just goes borg again.
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if porygon uses conversion to change it's type to that of magnetite and magnemite has the ability magnet pull the resulting situation would indeed look a lot like what is depicted.
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