Designer Garrett Miller has an ongoing project in which he takes children's drawings (and their descriptions) and makes them into professional illustrations. The imagination is still there; he just adds the technical abilities to bring the drawings to a more readable level. The picture shown is by 6-year-old Cody. See some other favorites just ahead.

Talia is only four years old, but she's a confirmed Star Wars fan!

The penguins are a creation of 7-year old Tejas.

Seven-year-old Aiden drew the Titanic going down, with the submarine that spotted the wreckage nearby.

You can submit your child's drawing, too! See a year's worth of art at Imaginawesome. Link


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Nice idea, but the children's original drawings are so much better (at least in terms of being more interesting, more creative, more charming and more lively).
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I actually started a project last month with a similar concept, although it's based on my own childhood drawings that I recently dug up.

Provided self-promotion is a-okay here, you can check out the first couple of entries:
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I look at some of the things in the kids drawings, then back at what the "artist" did...and I'm not sure the "artist" understood fully what the kids were trying to draw in some cases. :/
For example: The star wars "Monster" is supposed to be some sort of hooded villan, not a purple tenticle monster. I see a seal on an iceburg in a drawing, that is turned into a penguin on the artist rendition.
And the titanic picture has a really nice looking spiral shell, that is missing (also a fish is turned into a whale. :/). If i was one of the kids, I'd probably be annoyed.
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