Borg Cube vs Death Star

Resistance is futile! Or is it? If the universes of Star Wars and Star Trek were to somehow overlap (it could happen), and the Borg encountered the Imperial space station known as the Death Star, which would prevail in battle? This hypothetical situation sparks a torrent of fan discussion. Link -via Metafilter

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I hope they just crash into each other leaving no survivors...

Both fictional concepts have so much inherent logic inconsistencies that i would prefer an ending with no winners...
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Borg cube= Win. No contest. Borg cannot be stopped...ever. They're always adapting to overcome an enemy's strengths. Deathstar takes too long to charge up and cannot hit a moving target.
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The Death Stars primary defense is unshielded tie-fighters, and its main weapon is a laser which has no effect on the shield defenses in the Star Trek universe 9which is why everyone uses phaser weaponry) so even a direct hit from the primary weapon would be ineffective against the Borg Cube.

The Death Star can be compromised by single fighter.

Borg Cube Wins.
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the death star is run by mostly bumbling storm troopers. the borg is literally so insidious it's scary.

the borg cube could just crash into the deathstar and the borg would win. some borg would surely survive the crash and the void of space and then from there everything just goes borg again.
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