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Borg Cube vs Death Star

Resistance is futile! Or is it? If the universes of Star Wars and Star Trek were to somehow overlap (it could happen), and the Borg encountered the Imperial space station known as the Death Star, which would prevail in battle? This hypothetical situation sparks a torrent of fan discussion. Link -via Metafilter

Depends on which version of each we are talking about. Especially for the Borg, there is a huge difference between the old-style, destroy-a-hundred-starships-without-blinking, always-come-back-for-more-because-each-part-can-reconstruct-the-leaderless-whole; and the wimpy new style with the Borg queen that were pretty easy to defeat as I remember.

Old style Borg wins against anything I can imagine. New style Borg - meh, even a few rednecks with shotguns would have even chances of beating them.
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Death star.....The dark side would make them their minions. Plus after the Borg are in the midst of "You will be assimilated" for the tenth time. Bam. Borg fail!
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Depends on the how these BC and DS meet each other...
It should not be forget that the DS has some severe design flaws.. and he is not able to adapt.
In case the Borg first assimilated R2D2 or the rebel's base they would be aware of DS' capbalilites. And it would also have assimilated the lightsaber technology... capable of deflecting any kind of laser rays... Mr. Hammill assimmilated you will be....
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"Deathstar takes too long to charge up and cannot hit a moving target."

Really? Did you pay attention to the end of Jedi? This is not some deeply esoteric nerd knowledge... It is an internet meme for crying out loud.


As the Rebel fleet gets hemmed in by the Imperial fleet on one side and a fully operational Death Star on the other. The Death Star starts picking off the Mon Calamari cruisers one by one, like it is swatting flies as they are trying to FLEE.

ST shields? Pthbbt. SW has them too, they call them deflectors, as in:

"Our deflectors can't repel firepower of that magnitude."

Besides, don't forget the scale we're talking here. If the Death Star were the size of a basketball, a Borg Cube would be less than 1/8th the size of a sugar cube in comparison.

Schadenfreude nailed it. Borg = Toast. I would argue that the DS would even be able to get in a few shots because the Borg don't immediately adapt. But it would be moot because it would only take one shot anyway.
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Since the Borg are only capable of adapting to resist phaser fire after a couple of them have been killed by it, they wouldn't have time to repel a single shot from the Death Star which would totally obliterate the Borg cube.As long as the Death Star fired first, before the Borg had a chance to infiltrate or assimilate their technology, the Borg would be toast.
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the death star is run by mostly bumbling storm troopers. the borg is literally so insidious it's scary.

the borg cube could just crash into the deathstar and the borg would win. some borg would surely survive the crash and the void of space and then from there everything just goes borg again.
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The Death Stars primary defense is unshielded tie-fighters, and its main weapon is a laser which has no effect on the shield defenses in the Star Trek universe 9which is why everyone uses phaser weaponry) so even a direct hit from the primary weapon would be ineffective against the Borg Cube.

The Death Star can be compromised by single fighter.

Borg Cube Wins.
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Borg cube= Win. No contest. Borg cannot be stopped...ever. They're always adapting to overcome an enemy's strengths. Deathstar takes too long to charge up and cannot hit a moving target.
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I hope they just crash into each other leaving no survivors...

Both fictional concepts have so much inherent logic inconsistencies that i would prefer an ending with no winners...
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