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I got "last notices" for a while, and then they stopped, then I got "Second to last notices"...
and now they're back to "last notices" again.
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Looks legit to me, or are you Photoshop peps just being silly/sarcastic? As far as the lighting goes, it looks fine. Looks like a sunny day, but they're in a very shaded area due to the height of the evergreen trees around them, and the camera is adding its own light source. The woman's head is big, but not unreasonably. The angle at which her head is held would give it that appearance.
And c'mon... its a bear not an alien. Why is the idea of a trained bear so fantastic?
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He lost the last shred of credibility for me with this statement "— people who play video games — are older than 18 and nevertheless are allowed to vote."

Sitting in front of your TV is not terribly stimulating, rather your brain is barely interacting at all past the channel switching on your remote. A good videogame stimulates and challenges your mind and reflexes. Oh, but of course when he says videogames he thinks every game out there is a zombie shooter gore fest. *sigh*
I wonder how many games he's played? I say we make him prove himself by playing an MMO and see how long it takes him to get anywhere.
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Kind of neat but not mean spirited enough. ;P Its far more enjoyable to poke fun at other peoples failed craft attempts than blogging about your own.
Someone out there needs to do an ETSYfail site. I've seen so many horrible crafts that should be mocked (if only to humble the owners on the outrageous prices they THINK their mess is worth). Maybe throw in a Dirtydouble section for people who rip off the ideas of others in ETSY as well,because that's a real fail.
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It looks so detailed. Pretty neat, but its a shame that you can't see it close up. I checked the website and the pictures are all tiny.

Artists are so paranoid these days, its rare to see a closeup of anything anymore. *Squint squint* *sigh*
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A local restaraunt in town did a "titanic theme" event with this exact menu a few days ago. My mom went to it (first class meal = $$150.00 plate. I would have had to settle for steward/3'rd class at $35 and no way would I have done that. embarrasing!)
She said it was really fun, the portions were small, but good. Everyone dressed up for the dinner, and actual Titanic artifacts were displayed for viewing. Everyone was also given a name as they walked in, and those who were "survivors" at the end of the night got gift certificates. Kinda a neat idea.
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I really dislike what Wal-mart does to small towns. I grew up in a small town (pop 12,000)that had a thriving booming touristy downtown area when I was young. It was a great place to get out and go shopping and just enjoy the day.

Then Wal-mart came.

Now the downtown area is filled with insurance providers, loan agencies etc (whoever will pay the rent). All the wonderful neat shops are gone now. Why bother going to the local hardware store for nails and a free bag of popcorn, when you can just pick them up with the rest of your shopping at Wal-mart? Why buy locally crafted gifts, when you can shop for cheap clothes and gifts at walmart? Why bother going to the toy store when walmart sells cheaper toys from china? Bakeries, sweet shops, gift stores, all gone now. And (not so) coincidentally the majority of them "closed" after Wal-mart came in.

Now, the whole town is so dependant on wal-mart we couldn't boycot or close it down if we wanted to.
The other grocery store couldn't compete and closed down years ago. Where would we get groceries? How would we get hardware/household goods? Its the only game in town. It squashed everything and created a local monopoly.

Wal-mart is evil, if you hear of one going into your town, do everything you can think of to stop it. Because once its there... it takes over.
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@ jessleigh :

Argh! we did that too at my grade school. You had to eat everything on your plate (can't remember why) and they had food "checkers" at the exit of the cafeteria who would send you back if you had something left on your plate. I hated green beens so much I used to stuff them in my empty milk carton so I could pass by the checkers.

Then I got caught doing it once in second grade and was forced to eat a fresh helping of green beens (bet thats not legal to do these days). I think i gagged several times on them, it was awful. :<
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I thought it was interesting to see the elephants trunk shake. Like it was really nervous about being accurate enough to get its paint brush to land correctly. Reminds me of how awkward it feels to try and paint with your feet. :P

Would be amazing if it suddenly decided to paint a picture of its own design (it was obviously taught that by a trainer. Why an elephant as the subject? because it makes sense to humans that an elephant would want to draw itself).

I just hope the elephant wasn't mistreated while it "learned" this ability.
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Awesome link. I love referencing old catalogs for my own art. It helps me try to decide what looks "timeless" and what looks "dated". Its facinating how the items in old catalogs, are easily identified and associated with a set time period. The christmas cards look VERY 40's & 50's. Its amazing how even the toys, houswares, ceramics etc are all easily identified as that time period. You would almost think the artists,designers,and manufactureres all collaborated ahead of time, and decided on a style/theme. Yet they didn't.

Makes me wonder what the "look" is for our current time period, and what direction we'll take in the future.
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My new uncle is jewish and my aunt is christian. Holidays so far are actually pretty smooth since they're both vegan. they seem to hate everything and bring their own dishes.

I never knew how to tackle the gift giving.
Do I give my uncle a bunch of hanukkah gifts (one for each day) and then one gift for my aunt, or just one gift for both of them, or ...?

maybe I'll just say I'm poor this year.
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Honestly, there is some abstract art I do like, particularly when the colors compliment my walls.

Having said that, I feel that abstract art is also crap. it honestly takes zero talent. I make it myself when I feel LAZY but want to sell art. It always sells.

Its a shame when I know of fantasy artists out there who put countless more hours,detail,and expertise into their work than abstract artists, and yet... their work will remain unwanted and unsold while abstract is snatched up like some rare gem. Ugh... Makes me crazy.
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mmm i liked it, could have been better. So basicly non-magical holes cut out in ancient times by cave people as a punishment for other cave people. The reason dosn't explain why someone would be compelled-beyond-reason to enter.

throw ye ol logical brain factor in, and anyone would come to the conclusion that if you were a chubby person, you'd need only wait till you dropped some weight (provided you had water) to get back out.

Also why would anyone deform themselves. Wouldn't they stop when it started to hurt, and instead start wailing for help?
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