Meet the Woolies

The world is filled with people with strange fetishes, but even considering the Intertubes' jaded standard, this particular fetish is really, really, really weird: behold the Woolies, people who like to esconce themselves in wool. Itchy, scratchy wool.

No actual nudity, though there are some - um, how shall I say it - knitted private parts: Link (original link in French at Doctissimo) - via Rue The Day! and Laughing Squid

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Wow, most of you are incredibly uptight and ignorant of fetish and your missing all the fun. I know several beautiful girls that are into wool and cashmere and sweaters in general, just like people are into leather and rubber. It's an erotic enhancement, you never heard of the 40's and 50's "sweater girl", that's basically what it's about, a soft, animalistic attraction to the body wrapped in a tight sweater, it's sexy and people all over the world love it. Some people, more than you think, are very creative and love sex so they take a thing like attraction to sweater girls and enhance the attraction with a fetish, a heightening of a natural impulse, to love women who have, for example, beautiful breasts while wearing sweaters.

The heavy wool "enclosure" or "itchy" thing is often mixed with bondage, another very creative outlet for the sweater lover, in that sweaters can feel "restrictive" as well as comforting, and the itch can be a part of the humiliation and suffering, all very creative and intense when practicing with a loved one. Most people who are on this level are far above the madding crowd of conservative party poopers and boring losers who spend their time name calling and making fun of things they fear or don't understand.

Most of you really need to read up on all of this and broaden your erotic horizons or the next time you meet a new lover your conservatism, ignorance of fantasy and role play and fetish and your judgmental behavior, is going to put her to sleep.
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"Meet the Woolies"

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