Elephant Paints Self-Portrait (Video)

A video clip of an elephant painting a self-portrait. Fake? You be the judge. Or just sit back and relax, and enjoy the video.

Link [YouTube]

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YES, elephants DO paint! We have spent time with them while they paint (many elephants not just one).

You can read all about it here:

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I'm sorry but this video is kinda fake... im not saying it's completely fake, but you can see the person behind the elephant pushing and moving its head, the elephant was just taught to stay still while this happens.... I've seen this before, and quite honestly, I find it kinda sad that people make animals as inteligent as these do stuff for the pleasure of humans....
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There are more videos of this and other elephants drawing. It is not a trick. It is elephants on their own. I do wonder how were they trained to do this.
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Whether in a circus or painting pen, they are still captive and put to work. Those of you that paint do so by choice, these animals have no choice. It's all about profit through ignorance. Even the annoying woman in the background 'wow'ing says 'I wonder how much they are?' I ain't no hippie, but elephants are for the jungle. Fences should only keep them out, not in.
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Amazing, indeed. I wonder why this hasn't made bigger news?

I just hope and pray that these elephants are treated well, as should all humans and animals. Though there are some who mistreat the animals, for the most part, elephants have been treated with much respect and care in many parts of Thailand, as they are a highly precious creature to the Thai people.
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