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I really want to know the details of how that woman found the thief who stole her computer, and better yet, found out where he was located. That rocked.
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Why are we all so convinced this was carved by a guy? Maybe this was early lesbian art? An advertising standup to inspire the girls at their Weight Watchers meeting? A kindergarten art project for Mother's Day?
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If you only care about "the bottom line" i.e. your wallet, then it doesn't really matter. For some Obama would be the better choice, for some McCain.
But if you care about making national choices that effect the entire country's welfare, i.e. education, healthcare, justice, equality, progress, economy, AND the world's welfare, meaning environment, energy, and war, then Obama is the only choice.
So, really it's about individual greed vs. a healthier, happier nation and world.
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I always knew there was something very, very sinister about Family Circus. I still don't know what it is, but now I'm more convinced than ever.
Well done site.
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Unfortunately, I think I agree with the Supreme Court. I believe the writers intended everyone to have the right to bear arms.
But I don't think it's good for the US to continue the practice of allowing handguns to every idiot. I believe it's time to amend the Constitution, for the good of the nation, to restrict the right to shoot at everything that scares you. The Constitution has been amended before, to good purpose (women's suffrage and slavery, for example). The times have changed and the world is overcrowded, and gun violence is out of control.
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I have NOT watched al-Jazeera, and I'm wishing right now that I could. I follow the news on German and British websites and magazines, simply to get another perspective. I don't always agree with their conclusions, but they do tend to be more balanced in their presentation.
That being said, I think Roger has a valid point: I would strenuously object to a publicly funded channel for the KKK. But maybe the difference is that the KKK has proven itself to be nothing but a terrorist organization, which targets people based on inherent characteristics (skin color, sexual preferences, jewish culture), while al-Jazeera might conceivably be presenting valid information from a different perspective, and at least claims to despise people based on their actions (and yes, I realize there's a lot of spin there).
I would be equally offended by a publicly funded evangelical channel, or any separatist organization, left or right.
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