A Heavenly Message in Fried Salami

Nancy Simoes of Southwest Miami-Dade County, Florida, was in the kitchen cooking her family's favorite dish of fried salami when she got a heavenly message:

"I had only three pieces in my skillet, and then as I was flipping it. The first letter was a G, a perfect G; and then I got the O, and I thought to myself, how cool will it be if the third letter was a D," said Simoes.

That third letter was a D, and everyone was in shock in her house.

Link - spotted by Neatoramanaut Gauldar over at the Forum

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I found a cheeto that looked like jesus
Cheeto+Jesus= Cheetus
which sounds like 'cheat us'
which is what televangelist
do with the brainwashed and their money

Akira you kind of messed up that 'Family Guy' joke
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Tempscire wrote:

"I remember a story a while back about a Muslim woman slicing an eggplant and thought the seeds spelled out “Allah” in Arabic script."

Did she fry it? I mean, most religious figures seem to only truly manifest representations of themselves in fried food.
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