35,000-year-old Human Figurine: Oldest Ever?

It appears men had voluptuous women on their minds about 10,000 years earlier than we previously thought. A new archeological find is the oldest known representation of a human being. Ed Yong reveals the new art piece, and its implications on how we see prehistoric man and our own cultural evolution.

This sculpture may look a little bit like a roast chicken, but don't let that distract you - it's an incredibly important artistic find. This small figurine is arguably the oldest representation of the human body yet discovered.


(image credit: Nicholas Conard)

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by mattphunkadellic.

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This ancient ivory “headless” figurine of a woman is almost identical to a Malta (island south of Italy) Neolithic figurine – fertility goddess. See link below – scroll halfway down to view pic:


N.Gagnon - explorer
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Looking at about half the comments here I think there is good evidence that evolution is running backwards.

This figurine represents an incredible part of the common heritage of all people. There is no way to understand the context in which it was made but given that “porn” is a modern concept it is not “porn”. It reflects sexuality for sure but sexuality as it has been throughout most of the history of humanity. Mystic and spiritual, tied to pleasure and procreation, natural and supernatural. Interwoven with life.

Over sexed nerds getting each other off with crude comments while drooling over internet images of digitally enhanced fantasy women are a new phenomenon. I doubt they will last as long as this and the other “Venus” figures.

Some things deserve respect simply because of what they are.
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Obviously carved by a guy with peculiar tastes.. Ah, c'mon, women always liked to be slim

Newaz, women back then had less work, so it is a bit obvious that all they had to do was (not watching TV) watching the drams in their villages or tribes and look after the house. No work back then (meant for laundry and stuff)
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