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Stress Squishy Rubber Chicken

Stress Squishy Rubber ChickenAre you feeling like your life is running a-fowl? Hav...  ...e it's time to beak out the Stress Squishy Rubber Chicken from the NeatoShop. This little stress ball, shap...  ...op. This little stress ball, shaped like a rubber chicken , is a real come...
Egg & Chicken Costume Hat Set For Kitty and Their Human

Egg & Chicken Hat Set for Kitty and Their Human Halloween is ri...  ...has you covered. We present to you the Egg & Chicken Hat Set for Kitty and Their Human from the NeatoS... set features a egg hat for your cat and a chicken hat for you. The Egg & Chick...
Facehugger Feast Roasted Chicken

Last year, Tye Lombardi made a Chestburster Turkey...  ...nd then developed a recipe for Facehugger Roasted Chicken . Behold the horror.Made from a full-sized roastin...  ...Behold the horror.Made from a full-sized roasting chicken , snow crab legs, and a homemade chicken sausag...
Chicken Outwitted by Bread

This hen is having a hard time with a piece of hol...  ...YouTube link)However, at the end of the day, this chicken goes back to the coop with bread she can eat late... in the background sounds more and more like a chicken
The Judgment of Janet...

Slack Wyrm is a fire-farting dragon. It's also the... stand on their own, like this one. Never has a chicken held so much power in her hands! Er, wings. If yo...
10 Questions About Chickens

We know you have a few burning questions about chickens you've always wanted to ask. Here are the answer...  ...wanted to ask. Here are the answers! 1. Where do chickens come from?The post office, of course! Every year,...  ...n)2. Is there really a pecking order? Absolutely. Chickens...
10,000 Chickens vs. 20 T-Rexes

Would you rather fight 10,000 chickens or 20 T-rexes? What if they were to fight each ot...  ..., the carnage! I can't really understand what the chickens are doing to defeat a T-rex, but it's fun to watc...
Why is this Chicken So Big?

Yeah, you can tell this is a big chicken . When he finally squeezes his whole body through...  ...kground. Am I the only person wondering why this chicken is so damn big—...  ...ut the sight of one emerging from a regular-sized chicken
Chicken Attack!

Five years ago, we introduced you to Japanese yode... Japanese yodeler Takeo Ischi. The 70-year-old " chicken yodeler" has quite a following -in Germany. Now h...  ...Now he's the star of a music video about a ninja chicken . Really. This video contains a little NSFW langua...  ...uage.[
Chicken Plays "America the Beautiful"

Jokgu is a piano-playing chicken . We've seen chickens peck at toy pianos and produce sounds, but Jokgu...  ...)Jokgu's owner, Shannon Myers, has a coop full of chickens who record music under the name The Flockstars. T...  ...l talent of the flock. You can follow the musical...

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