US Supreme Courts: The Right to Bear Arms is For Individual Americans, Not Only State Militias

After 200 years of debate, the Supreme Court has finally ruled that the Second Amendment means that individual Americans - as opposed to state militias - have a constitutional right to own guns (at least in their homes).

In a tight 5-4 decision, Justice Antonin Scalia stated:

"Undoubtedly some think that the Second Amendment is outmoded in a society where our standing army is the pride of our nation, where well-trained police forces provide personal security and where gun violence is a serious problem," Scalia wrote. "That is perhaps debatable, but what is not debatable is that it is not the role of this court to pronounce the Second Amendment extinct." [...]

"The Constitution leaves the District of Columbia a variety of tools for combating that problem, including some measures regulating handguns," Scalia wrote. "But the enshrinement of constitutional rights necessarily takes certain policy choices off the table. These include the absolute prohibition of handguns held and used for self-defense in the home."

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Do you agree with the ruling?

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NO one should be allowed to have guns in their house. If guns were illegal the death toll of American youth would be so much lower. It's a tragedy that this is still allowed.
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My condoleances.

(Actually, this may well be what the writers of the constitution meant. Not having the balls to change that to something sane and modern 200+ years later says something about the progressiveness of America, though.)
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It's too bad we all don't live in California, where their guns laws are the most strict in the US.
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It's a good thing guns are outlawed in most other countries, or else people would be crazy. it's not like they would stab someone or something.,0,4629101.story
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"It still will be illegal to carry handguns outside the home,"

I always seem to aggree most with the side that actually reads the news and statistics, and doesn't just gloss over them so they can move on to proving how stupid everyone else is.
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