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I usually don't believe in coincidences but IAMMMMW was on TCM this past Saturday.
I have it on my DVR to watch again for the umpteenth time. Thanks for the article about
a truly memorable movie!

Best Regards,
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I believe the full article says it stopped working when the tire pressure got below 25 PSI. It said 25 PSI was a normal tire pressure. Seems a bit low to me.

My father brought a VW Beetle back from Germany in the mid 50's. It had no fuel gauge! We were out one time & it started sputtering. Dad yelled to me to turn the lever. There was a lever on the passenger side up towards the firewall. I found it and turned it. The bug got back to it's normal operating mode. I think the reserve was good for another 20 miles or more? I never understood why the lever wasn't positioned so the driver could reach it.
Another time we were out and my dad starts flashing his headlights & blowing his horn. I figured he had finally lost it. Turned out another Beetle was coming from the opposite direction. They were pretty rare back then. GGGG
Lastly the heater air was really hot when the fan was turned all the way up. You had to moderate it or you would quickly fry!
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Can I add that to my brand new list "The Ten Worst Excuses Ever Seen"? Also I have never been accused of being a grammar Nazi, it's capitalized, but figured an intelligent sort such as yourself would appreciate the correction. I'll try not to correct mistakes in the future. At least not here. GGGG
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I will conduct further experiments with other Walmart products, including underpants, motor oil, and sleeping bags. Will these melt in the sun like they are supposed to?

That was obviously not real either.
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I'll try adding some chopped onion the next time I heat up some CBH.
Since CB is similar to pastrami I have a sudden urge for a reuben. Haven't had
one in ages.
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I had a great reply all set to go and got caught by the maintenance outage which naturally deleted it all. But all was not wasted. I posted a question
about Spam cans on The Straight Dope web site. Got a bunch of replies. Donno
if the Q was actually answered but one made a point about having to use a built in key to open the old Spam cans. Remember them?
You can also buy a meat slicer just for Spam! Only $3.15. S&H is probably $29.92 GGGG Such a deal!
Speaking of food, while on the TSD site I found out why green olives are usually sold in jars while black olives are sold in cans.
Closest I've come to buying canned corned beef is corned beef hash which is different. Never seen the tapered CB cans. Will try and look for them.
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