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Brilliant Ways Movies And TV Shows Have Snuck Stuff Past The Censors

Censorship is supposed to protect viewers from being exposed to things like nudity, gore, explicit language and disturbing situations, basically all the things viewers usually want in movies or TV shows.

That's why creators are constantly battling the censors to keep their shows intact, censor despised content and all, and their struggle sometimes forces creators to flat out lie about what's happening on the screen.

Censors hate blood, and they actively force filmmakers to remove any trace of blood from their trailers, but back in 1980 Stanley Kubrick got away with telling the censors that his iconic blood flood in The Shining was really just "rusty water".

Because of Kubrick's lie the trailer, complete with that disturbing shot of the "rusty water" flooding towards the camera, briefly made it to theaters before being pulled by the MPAA.

Are you wondering why Fonzie was featured in the lead image? Believe it or not, Happy Days also had trouble with the censors about one issue- Fonzie's leather jacket.

The Fonz looked like a total Potsie without his leather jacket, but censors claimed only criminals wear a leather jacket when they're not riding their bike, so show creator Garry Marshall started working a motorcycle into every scene.

Read 6 Brilliant Ways Movies & TV Shows Stuck It To The Censors here (contains NSFW language)

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Apparently, the word "snuck" has been in use since the 19th Century. To say there is "no such word" is erroneous. The word exists in common usage. Although the dictionary prefers "sneaked", it includes "snuck." Zeon is perfectly justified in using it.

Also, I would point out that you should have used parentheses instead of commas to separate the words "it's capitalized" from the rest of your sentence. Otherwise, it's a sentence fragment.

Plus, your capitalization correction for the term "grammar nazi" is not a cut-and-dry issue, either. Some prefer to reserve the capitalized term for references to the Nazi party itself, and to keep the lowercase for general terms. Others insist that both words should be capitalized, which makes a little more sense to me than your suggestion. However, I disagree. There may be rare times when it could be used as a title, or for emphasis, but it's most often a common noun.

A grammar nazi is not referring to a member of the Nazi party, or to misguided adherents of the Nazi principles. But, it works nicely for emphasis in such exclamations as "You, Sir, are a Grammar Nazi!" (note that I also capitalized Sir, for emphasis)
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Actually, correcting colloquially accepted words and expressions in an informal environment is not only the definition of being a grammar nazi (which, BTW, the capitalization of Nazi in this phrase is widely debated since it is not actually a reference to real Nazis or the Nazi party), but also just wrong. Language is always evolving and many common and proper words and phrases we use today were considered wrong 100 years ago. Snuck is actually in the Oxford English Dictionary and used more commonly than sneaked in Canada, meaning there it's actually the preferred form. Here in America it's almost as common as sneaked, meaning either is acceptable.

Regardless, you can act as though your comment was to somehow benefit the writer all you want, but it was not productive (nor was your catty follow-up response). In the end, the entire point was trying to prove your own intelligence which you really don't need to do here. Corrections for the sake of proving one's intelligence aren't beneficial to anyone but the one making the comment and almost universally unappreciated by everyone except that person.
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Can I add that to my brand new list "The Ten Worst Excuses Ever Seen"? Also I have never been accused of being a grammar Nazi, it's capitalized, but figured an intelligent sort such as yourself would appreciate the correction. I'll try not to correct mistakes in the future. At least not here. GGGG
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I know but I figured people would understand I was speaking colloquially when I used "snuck" in conjunction with "stuff". And just so you know grammar nazis are wholeheartedly despised by those of us who write for the internet, but I'll give you a pass this time SparkS!
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Interesting article but the correct past tense of sneak is sneaked. There is no such word as snuck no matter how many folks use it.
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