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I grew up with Breyers ice cream and would never buy any other brand. I was really upset recently to find they are now selling "frozen dairy desert" as the Steve Fox picture showed. It's a sad day when I now have to read the labels on Breyers to make sure I am buying ice cream.
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If you have a heat pump turn it off before you go out to mow the grass. If it's left on it will suck up a lot of the grass thrown out by the lawn mower. It then stays on the sides of the heat pump and blocks a lot of needed airflow.
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Speaking of cans, what is the only can in the grocery store as far as I know that has a very distinct shape? I noticed that cans of salmon do not have parallel sides like other cylindrical cans. Am I the only one that noticed this and did something to resolve the question? Being the curious sort I am I found a salmon industry web site and sent them an EMail asking them about the strange shape of salmon cans. They replied and explained the curiosity for me. I found it very interesting and hope you do too. The empty cans had to be shipped to Alaska for filling with salmon. Some smart person figured they could stack them inside each other and save a lot of space over normal shaped cans. This decreased the shipping costs measurably. I assume this still holds true. I think every can of salmon you see will be shaped like that. Or at least the ones with Alaska salmon. The next time you go grocery shopping pick up a can of salmon and maybe it will make you smile. That would be nice.
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I always laugh whenever I see folks buying bottled water. Phineas Taylor's famous quote that he never actually said remains true today.

(a fool and his money are soon parted Thomas Tuser 1524-1580)
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Thanks. I looked it up in 12 online slang dictionaries and none of them had the term. Plus as I said the link article never used it either. How can they make any money if only open for a night? The local health department must love them. GGGG

(some love to confuse us old folks)
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I stand corrected, thank you. Fraud seems to be the crux of the law. However that so called artist could face jail if he simply brought those items into the U.S. since fraud is not mentioned regarding altered coins brougfht into the U.S. I found that difference to be pretty strange.

18 U.S. Code § 331 - Mutilation, diminution, and falsification of coins

Whoever fraudulently alters, defaces, mutilates, impairs, diminishes, falsifies, scales, or lightens any of the coins coined at the mints of the United States, or any foreign coins which are by law made current or are in actual use or circulation as money within the United States;

Whoever fraudulently possesses, passes, utters, publishes, or sells, or attempts to pass, utter, publish, or sell, or brings into the United States, any such coin, knowing the same to be altered, defaced, mutilated, impaired, diminished, falsified, scaled, or lightened— Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.
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He's lucky he's in the UK. He'd be put in the pokey in the U.S. since defacing
American coins is illegal. Personally I think he's an idiot for destroying 1936 and 1930
coins that were a lot nicer to look at than his so called art.

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What a funny funny man! A true class act from the word go. As if that wasn't enough he was a wizzard on the 88s.

(The world lost a one of a kind with his passing)
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