Walmart: Home of Faux Ice Cream

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Dan Collins, a disc jockey at KIKN Radio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, got a tip that Walmart Great Value Ice Cream Sandwiches don't melt. Sitting outside on a sunny, 80-degree summer day, Collins watched the ice cream sandwich sit on a plate. Next to the sandwich was a scoop of Blue Bunny ice cream on another plate. After over an hour, Collins recorded the sickening results.

All of a sudden, I feel like hijacking an ice cream truck and seeing what other "delicious frozen treats" are suspect. Via Viral Viral Videos.

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I grew up with Breyers ice cream and would never buy any other brand. I was really upset recently to find they are now selling "frozen dairy desert" as the Steve Fox picture showed. It's a sad day when I now have to read the labels on Breyers to make sure I am buying ice cream.
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In the US, the legal requirements for ice cream comes down to pretty much minimum and maximum quantities for dairy products (e.g. minimum milkfat and milk solids), and a bunch of labeling requirements. The amount of preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, and other nondairy additives doesn't seem to include or exclude anything from being called ice cream. Things might end up being a frozen dairy dessert either because they were too cheap to use enough milksolids, in which case cheaper foods tend to have a lot of additives, or it might be just because it is an otherwise traditional ingredients but made to be low fat.
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You also need to look at the wording on the box. They get sneaky there. If it says "Ice Cream" anywhere on the box then it has a certain percentage of actual cream in it so they can call it "Ice Cream". If the box says "Frozen Dairy Dessert" then you are getting more chemicals than normal and it's not really ice cream at all. Take this picture for example. No where on the box does it say "Ice Cream".
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All interesting comments. Thank you all, particularly for the L.A. Times article.

While I will do practically anything to avoid going into a Walmart, I agree that a lot of the "WalHate" is arbitrary and could be appropriately applied elsewhere for the same "violations."
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