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I always thought it would be neat if watches had two modes. Correct time and a countdown to how long before you died. The countdown clock could have both modes but 2 minutes before your 'time was up' it would flash Wrap It Up. GGGGG

(for those that never looked at mode 2)
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"I don't know why so many people like them. They taste disgusting."

Bless you! I have never liked Twinkies. I will never understand how they manage to stay in business. But if you guys like them that's kool. Least now I don't feel like some kind of space alien.

Down here (TN) they have something called a Moon Pie. Has got to be the second most gawd awful thing made to be eaten. They even have three flavors I think. Talk about junk food! To make matters worse the best treat in the world here is a Moon Pie and RC Cola. The worst snack with the worst drink ever! Don't tell anyone I said that, am liable to get thumped bad.

(not saying I'm not mind you)
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I assume the wursts are hot, or there's a M/W available.
Also, if they are by themselves how are they eaten? I wouldn't particularly want to get my hands all greasy.
In a roll would solve both I think.

@Muzition Cooking oil has a tendency to do that.
GGG I hope it works next time you are near.

(now I'm hungry for some bratwurst)

(a meatball sub wouldn't be bad either)
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As most folks have said this was fixed decades ago. It has worked great ever since. As far as those that say they cannot tell the position far away or in fog I suggest you slow down then you wouldn't have that problem. If you cannot see well enough you are driving too fast for conditions.


"Did you really give this any thought before posting?"

Was that necessary? Who appointed you hall monitor?

I think you need to give more thought before slamming those that don't agree with you. Especially with your
command of English.

"...every drive....", "...or in for...". It's EVER and WTH is FOR? Anything like fog?

(big, just not very smart)
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Technically there's only 46 "states". Four of the so called states are commonwealths.


@Kalel Roger that!

(just what we need another basket case welfare state)
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@Miss Cellania That's what I had. Felix reminded of it
so I imagine I owe him an apology.

(his glowing eyes used to give me nightmares)

(then they were nightfelines)
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