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*waves hi from DoublePlusUndead*

Instead of Rhode Island, it might be a good idea to just go with one of the square shaped states. Harder to decide which state the crazy cracker is from then.
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They need to rethink their ship date. Every year, around November, I find something really cool that would make a great Christmas gift that won't ship until January. I'm thinking last year it was a Battlestar Galactica toaster.
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My sister used to drink pickle juice as a child. It gave her really bad sores in her mouth. I hope that they've figured out a way to work around that...
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I'm in agreement with Tim - Star Wars is not something to be showing a three-year-old. We haven't even shown it to my five-year-old, despite him knowing all the characters anyway from the kids at school. We're thinking maybe he'll see it after he turns six. MAYBE.
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I've said this other places, but I'll say it here, too - Blogger/Google should think about making a huge donation to Hopeline as an apology for this.
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I wonder how much they factor in roofs that get extremely hot? We had a whole house fan put in at the end of spring, and the installer commented that our roof and attic were among the hottest he'd ever encountered. In April.

We've cut our summer energy usage by over 30% with the house fan, btw. The air conditioner the previous owners installed isn't very efficient. We only ended up using the air conditioner three days this year, thanks to the house fan.
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The key word in the statute about coin defacement is 'fraudulently'. It's OK to mangle a coin, as long as the purpose isn't to pass it off as a denomination it's not. Otherwise those penny press machines you see at many souvenir stops would be illegal.
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"John Kerry is a brilliant strategist. His ‘botched joke’ wiped the only issue where Republicans will get out the vote in droves — gay marriage rights — off the radar."

Actually, I think this is going to drive more Republicans to the polls this year. Frankly, most Republicans don't care enough about gay marriage/civil unions/domestic partnerships/etc. to go to the polls just to vote against it during a non-presidential election year, or they're like me - they're going to vote FOR it. Kerry has just managed to mobilize the right wing - and the gay rights movement will pay for it.

If I were more of a conspiracy theorist, I'd say that Kerry did it on purpose to mobilize the right into voting, thus knocking down the gay rights bills that are coming up in this election. It's not like he has a sparkling track record in support of gay rights.

But that'd be crazy talk, wouldn't it? Heck, assuming anything Kerry does is intentional would be crazy talk.
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