Using Spy Plane to Identify Homes that are Wasting Energy

Not content with putting electronic bug to monitor your trash bin, Big Brother in UK used spy plane to fly overhead to identify homes that are wasting energy:

Spy-in-the-sky cameras are being used to identify householders who are wasting the most energy and to shame them into turning the central heating down.

Thermal images of homes have been taken by a light aircraft fitted with military spy technology to record the heat escaping from people’s houses.

Maps identifying individual homes have now been placed on the internet to encourage occupiers to reduce their wastage and carbon emissions by fitting insulation and turning the thermostat down.

Haringey Council, in London, has become the first authority in England to place house-by-house thermal maps on the web, after the example of Aberdeen in Scotland.

Link | Original article at Times Online

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And that's another reason to avoid returning to the UK.
While there might be some merit to previous comments that the Man is looking for dope growers - if you've ever lived in Harringey, you'd know this one's a no-brainer...), one has to wonder if this is really a pertinent use of technology.
And rather than "shaming' the excess energy users into compliance, where are the initiatives to provide subsidised or low cost insulation to those properties identifed..?
Silly me, the Market is supposed to take care of that...
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I wonder how much they factor in roofs that get extremely hot? We had a whole house fan put in at the end of spring, and the installer commented that our roof and attic were among the hottest he'd ever encountered. In April.

We've cut our summer energy usage by over 30% with the house fan, btw. The air conditioner the previous owners installed isn't very efficient. We only ended up using the air conditioner three days this year, thanks to the house fan.
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gastronaut: Agree it's likely used for pot growers. Here (in Canada) they look for abnormally high electricity usage. I've had a few friends that use a lot of power (legitimately) getting a visit from the cops.
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Kewl. Global warming is incrasing tornadoes and storms strength and occurence. We'll be able to add up some claims on houses warming when we'll sue the heat emitting industries on that matter.
It's going to warm up my lawyer.
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Pot farms, esp. large ones, actually heat the foundation of the house, which is pretty hard to hide from infrared. This story is just a cover for looking for pot houses--i mean if they were actually looking for over-heaters, so to speak, they'd be calling on every ancient person who thinks 80F is chilly.
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