Pickle Sickle: Frozen Pickle Juice Popsickle

Kids love weird food - and this one may actually be good for them. Behold, the Pickle Sickle (yes, a frozen pickle juice popsickle!)

Why is it healthy? Well, supposedly vinegar used in the pickling process helps prevent blood-sugar spike after a high-carb meal.

The company also said that their stuff may satisfy the cravings of expectant mothers!

Link - via Miss Cellania

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I've grown up on eating pickles and drinking pickle juice. This sounds alright, but why not just drink pickle juice out of the jar you already bought instead of paying around $20 for a patented frozen treat? @ Alice, the reason why your sister had a lot of sores in her mouth (ulcers is what we call them) is because the acid in the pickle juice didn't agree with her. It's common. I get them a lot when I drink too much orange juice or pickle juice. It's just acid content
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I LOVE pickle shaved ice, or frozen pickle juice. I saw it at a few shaved ice stands and thought OMG that's repulsive just to look at the words. Then I tried it.. So good. I actually attempted to make some last night. I found this site by searching for "frozen pickles". You guys should try it. Sonic also makes FRIED pickles. I tried them when I was pregnant they are the cheap hamburger pickles and weren't so good. Might be alright w/ a better quality pickle.
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