The John Kerry "Stuck in Iraq" Flap.

A political cartoon by Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

A political cartoon by Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle.

This is what John Kerry said:

"You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

And the troop (Minnesota National Guard soldiers in Iraq) responded:

By the way, both cartoonists will be featured regularly on Neatorama - I'm interested in knowing what you think about the Kerry "botched joke" incident.

Links: MSNBC Article (photo above)

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In regards to the soldier's response...At least they have a sense of humor while they are stuck over there in that sh!thole!!! I'm honored to say that my husband is one of those guys serving with the MN National Guard in Iraq and I have never been more proud of him then I am today. GOD BLESS and SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!! May you have a safe journey home...
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Aww man, I'm enjoying the neat-ass-stuff and wham, all of a sudden I've got politics all over my eyeballs.

I want my money back...


PS: Thanks for the excellent site.
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Well, you did post the soldier's response (which was perfect) to the Kerry slur (intended or not), so it was not a one-sided post. If that is the standard for future "controversial" posts, it is not a bad one, and won't detract from the site's quality - which is superb.
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Believe it or not, I did post a comment on this post, but because of the server update, it got erased. Then I got really busy with the server move and couldn't post another response right away. Anyways, here's what I wrote (more or less):

First of all, thank you for all of your comments - I suppose there's nothing like politics to spark a healthy round of debate and discussion. I also noticed a lot of first-time commenters, so for those folks, welcome!

For those whose comments got erased, please know that it's not censorship - Neatorama got moved to a bigger (and hopefully, faster) server. For a while, there were two copies of Neatorama floating around on the Net - therefore those who commented on the "old" copy (me included), their comments got erased. I apologize for this.

And let me say that for the most part, the comments are very articulate. I had feared that this would be an inane screaming match between the liberals and the conservatives. Believe me, I've had to erase some stupid comments on other posts on this blog (and even close the comment box)!

Now, a number of people wanted Neatorama to stop posting political items. This is a fair request, given Neatorama's history of posting only "neat" stuff (some may argue that this is actually not true, for example, see the howls that I got for posting the Elephant Hanging story). However, I disagree and here's why:

I'd like Neatorama to remain current, and in this election season, politics is a natural and important topic of discussion. Posting political news stories is one way to accomplish this, but there are other blogs that do this better (not to mention news websites).

So, I decided that Neatorama will carry editorial cartoons. The blog now syndicates two cartoonists: Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle.

Now, these guys are award-winning cartoonists (Nick even won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize!), but I must confess that I chose them because I like their cartoon styles!

Obviously, I don't control what they draw, although I do pick and choose which cartoons to post. Steve Sack is a liberal cartoonist, while Nick Anderson is a "in-the-middle" guy (or supposed to be anyhow, I think he's leaning to the left!). It's my intention to syndicate a third, conservative, cartoonist. But these guys cost money, and so I thought I'd start with two.

Some people mentioned Boing Boing, DailyKos, and other prominent blogs. Let me say that it's an honor to be compared to them. Obviously, controversy didn't hurt them in the least bit, and I can only hope that Neatorama will continue to grow in readership just like these blogs.

So, is Neatorama a liberal blog? I don't think so, but you be the judge. I don't mind if you either love or hate Neatorama, as long as you don't think it's boring!

In closing, I'd like to thank everyone who commented - I appreciate their point of views. I hope you will continue to read the blog, participate by commenting and suggesting stories, and (I hope) telling your friends about Neatorama.
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