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This r relevant to mai interests.

Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight (Anakin Skywalker)
+for my prev. one also;
(tried to add below, but commt system didn't let through.)
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-Written by Karl Marx, I assume?

Or was this by Lenin just for the lulz, right before they killed the Romanovs?

"tolerate" -ZOMGDFQ!!?!?!??!?!!!?...,

You know Che, -I mean Eugenio, you could just go to Cuba or North Korea; -they're still running the Communist Experiment.

No, China's not really that red in its "tolerance" for "inequality" anymore, but go ahead and ask the guys driving the gold-plated Lambos anyway.

And there is no radicalized econ-lab coin-flip about working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Business is not a Moscow bread-line where Mother Russia is supposed to dole out to each equally.

++Guess what, Warren Buffett is a much better investor than I am; and I'm not mad at his success or Kruschevian-magnitude-outraged at his 'tolerance' for my non-billionaireyness.

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