Greenland Ice Is Melting

Scientists have discovered that much of Greenland's ice sheet is melting at an unusually rapid pace:

Scientists said the "unprecedented" melting took place over a larger area than has been detected in three decades of satellite observation. [...] The thawed ice area jumped from 40% of the ice sheet to 97% in just four days from 8 July.

Although about half of Greenland's ice sheet normally sees surface melting over the summer months, the speed and scale of this year's thaw surprised scientists, who described the phenomenon as "extraordinary".

Scientists also reported that much of the ice is re-freezing, so they remain puzzled as to the reason for the unusual thaw. Link

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Oh, Alex, unfortunate lad: Wrong, wrong, wrong and, dare I say it, WRONG. If you find the original item and read to the end you will read:

""Ice cores from [Summit Station in central Greenland] show that melting events of this type occur about once every 150 years on average. With the last one happening in 1889, this event is right on time," says Lora Koenig, a Goddard glaciologist and a member of the research team analyzing the satellite data."

Note: "The even is RIGHT ON TIME." Sheesh!
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Mid summer, bright sun -- temperatures at noon go slightly above feezing. Duh.. snow melts. Satellite flys over and looks at the surface of the ice (not the 1000 feet of glacier, but the top 1/10th of a centimeter). Sees water.. Oh wow.. melted ice!!

2 days later, daytime temperatures at noon fall below freezing.. satellite sees frozen water. Record breaking snow fall!!

Seriously.. look at the follow up articles on this..
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