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The result from the server seemed Entirely too fast to have done some kind of real analysis/comparo.

That being said, I write like H.P. Lovecraft.
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The UAW is a prime example of our problems.
Overpaid, Over-benefitted, Overstaffed, 'Featherbedded', Over-regulating toward the carcos they're staffed in (the rulebook weighs ~22 pounds), Disincentivized toward productivity, self-improvement and collective improvement. +AND on top of that they make unreliable crap that's ugly inside and out.

We ~may have the Capability to make something almost as well-engineered as a German car (the reliability would be similar though, hehe!) but almost everything about US car companies, especially GM, and their culture is broken.

It's a shame that the big 2.5 still deal with them, and that they haven't gone through the proper bankruptcy proceedings to give all the bolt-tighteners a 'thank you for your service' check and then just move on without them. Sadly, because of the Ford Family, Ford never will. GM will probably go BK 2x more before it's gone.

If you want to see what awesome US-based manufacturing can do, go have a look at Hyundai's plant in Alabama. They are probably the best.

Any comment about US manufacturing would probably be lacking if it didn't include a link to one of the best screeds on it, and the companies involved, The GM Deathwatch Series at TTAC: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/category/editorials/gm-death-watch/
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@Bonnie L. : Wrong. Cow parts have absolutely been fed to living cows intentionally in the past. -Including the CNS.
It was done because it makes them gain weight faster than grass or standard feed.
Common sense & poison-concentration was clearly not part of the thought process.

Even today, "Downer Cows" are still brought to slaughter occasionally, and the guys who do it are not nearly sufficiently prosecuted.

It's only a few small differences that keep us from getting much more widespread BSE.
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Jason Bourne would never have gone to something that familiar.
He'd've switched passports a few times, been in India or Patagonia before six weeks was out, and the apartment would've come up as rented to John Michael Kane.

Even Michael Westen could've done better.
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