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Tristan's math is 'Forever Alone'-Funny, but completely flawed.

He should just read:

"Double Your Dating", by David DeAngelo

"The Mystery Method", by Mystery

Watch the videos by Pickup 101 with names like "Fearless First Impressions", "The Art of Attraction", etc.

and "Rules of The Game", by Neil Strauss.

++ According to David D., avg.70% of all women a guy meets won't be interested.

Each person on planet Earth has 100k Perfect Matches. -They may not all live in the Computer Science Dept. of U. TO., but they're out there.
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Even more than that, anxiety shuts down Many areas of the brain.

It is almost neurologically-impossible to be afraid and creative at the same time.

++'Cognitive-Dissonance', from "The Practice of Behavior Therapy", by Joseph Wolpe.
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2 Points:

1) I know 2 wealthy kids who have had their own fathers try to kill them.

2) In my highly unscientific anecdotal surveyage & hypothesizing, families from a culture of wealth often have a higher percentage of capricious, scornful, ocpd narcissists.
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Actually the native Britons are now called "Welsh".

There was a recent DNA study, and counter to the self-described/implied 'pure' English, which even before recent immigrations could have been about 8 different things,

the Welsh are demonstrably different than the English in their DNA.

-It makes sense, too; since the East and South were the nearest raiding points. I guess Wales was a refuge.

@Jolly: I disagree with your terms, "rightful" and "fittest to rule".

In reality, it's always been much more corrupt and treacherous than any high-minded snobbery of ideals.

It's almost exclusively about cheating.

Here, I fixed it for you:
'They are all, however, correct. Thousands of people over the centuries have been cheated out of their inheritance. -Just ask the Russians.

Having someone stick a sword in you, or shoot you in the face with an arrow, or pay off a few palace guard heavies, etc. is the legacy of almost every single monarchy in world history. They need to come up with a new classification term for them, because there is rarely anything 'noble' about The Nobility.

The fact is that whoever has the crown at this moment is rarely fittest to rule; they're just what we're stuck with at the moment, and usually a descendant of the last guy who stole it from the previous owners.

One thing is for sure, however, the rightful monarch is probably dead, anonymous and forgotten; the guy with the crown is usually the one with the best archers, poisoners, and spin-doctors,

-or his great great grandson.'
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He's probably more English than the current family.

Before Elizabeth II's mum, they were almost entirely German. They even changed their last name to Windsor (after the castle) to seem less-so during the war.

At one point, they just 'ran out' of people in one family, so they went looking for another to fill the void.

I think Victoria's original last name was Saxe-Coburg-something.
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Very funny!

There was a lady at an office I worked at like that, too.

I'm assuming she was part skunk; the West Virgnina side of her family or something.
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And then the C-4 explosion on the elevator cables happens,

we get the 'kick',

and discover that the idea of Ryan having a girlfriend named Hermina was all a dream in the first place.

-I just checked with my Totem, Weasley The Cat, and he confirms its true.
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Why does M look wrong relative to N?

I thought the center peak would be pointing down.

Not sure his methodology produces the best 3-d-rotated alphabet.

Exceptions should be made in the name of usability. He fails to switch rotation-axis-side for letters that exhibit a "handedness" and would look better a different way, ex: J.

Z also seems slightly more right-handed than it is left-handed.
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Espresso soda is not that bad.

The Manhattan one is a little less flavorful than you'd expect. -Probably the preservatives and the clear bottle. Needs to be more intense and smoky, but otherwise ok.
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