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To those who think that living without taxes means living without a great many structural conveniences that we take for granted, I think they vastly underestimate the nature of the people who pay taxes, most likely judging them by their own standard.
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Kid's got a good argument for freedom of speech on his side. If the administrators really do try to bring the hammer down, I'd love to see the school taken to court.
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I remember seeing infographics about portion sizes, and how surprised I was to see what looked like small servings during the 50s. Prices would certainly go hand in hand with that.
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I'm sure the writer just forgot to mention that they're allowed to reach over and turn off the ringer. Otherwise the whole restaurant is going to be rather annoyed.
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We need to stop treating this behavior as bullying and treat it as criminal. The school finds it easier to target the victim instead of the people doing the victimizing, and they won't be any help for this mother and son. Better that the kid faces expulsion than a long hospital stay and/or crippling injury.
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Having taught high school kids, I can safely report that yes, the little buggers can hold grade A conversations *and* text like tap dancing. Now if adults would try to have conversations with the younger generations without criticizing too harshly, maybe they'd see that.
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Regardless of it being a conservative/liberal thing, so as I'm not accused of my shorts being in a wad, I'd rather not have to read posts where I need to link back to the original article to find out if the post was taking liberties or not for the sake of a funny headline.
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My dad told me about a hunt that he took me to when I was really young, like four or so. Rather than competing for the eggs provided, he made up several at home, kept them in his jacket, and then when all the parents and older kids rushed out onto the field, he and I plodded along in a small corner away from everyone as he put down the eggs out of sight and then nudged me along going "there's one, there's one." I had fun, he had fun, and we didn't have to deal with anyone else.
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So the previous generations bemoan the new generation's morals or lack thereof. Wash, rinse, repeat in another ten years.

In every generation there are the selfish, the generous, the kind, the cruel, etc. Frankly I find my students to be a lot more morally developed than their parents and grandparents.
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To Dallas, I'm a female that can't have kids and has never met Mr. Right. Actually, I met Ms. Right, and yet I won't be able to marry her until it becomes legal. Sorry I can't commit to your standards, but there are plenty of reasons why people don't marry.
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