Mom Sent Bullied Kid to School with Stun Gun

After her gay son was bullied in school and administrators didn't do enough to stop it, Chelisa Grimes decided to do something to protect her son: she sent him to school with a stun gun.

"I brought the stun gun 'cause I wasn't safe," the 17-year-old said.

After six other students surrounded him at school on April 16, calling him names and threatening to beat him up, Young pulled the stun gun from his backpack. He raised it in the air, setting off an electric charge, and sending the group scurrying, Young said.
Unlike a Taser, which fire barbs attached to long wires at a target, a stun gun has to be near or pressed against a person to shock them.

"I got kicked out of school for me bringing the weapon to school, but I honestly don't think that that was fair," Young said. "I didn't use it on nobody. ... All I did was raise it up in the air and went back to my class."

The school principal said that the staff had been trying to get him to "tone down" his flamboyant dressing style.

Do you think the expulsion order is excessive or a just response to someone carrying a weapon to school? Link

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the mother was wrong to send her child to school with a weapon, but the school is all kinds of wrong here, mostly because they think it's to be expected that this kid would be bullied because of his dress. to me, 'bullied' is slightly different from 'surrounded by 6 students that were threatening to beat him up.' i think if you're in fear for your safety, you should be able to retaliate without fear of reprisal. at the very least, the students involved should be expelled as well.
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Everyone here is wrong - the school SHOULD expel him, IF that's what their weapons policy indicates.

Yes, the school did not do enough. But this was not the right response, either.
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Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. When would you address this? After the kid is either injured or dead? His mom did right. And her son is alive because of it.
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