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Mom Sent Bullied Kid to School with Stun Gun

After her gay son was bullied in school and administrators didn't do enough to stop it, Chelisa Grimes decided to do something to protect her son: she sent him to school with a stun gun.

"I brought the stun gun 'cause I wasn't safe," the 17-year-old said.

After six other students surrounded him at school on April 16, calling him names and threatening to beat him up, Young pulled the stun gun from his backpack. He raised it in the air, setting off an electric charge, and sending the group scurrying, Young said.
Unlike a Taser, which fire barbs attached to long wires at a target, a stun gun has to be near or pressed against a person to shock them.

"I got kicked out of school for me bringing the weapon to school, but I honestly don't think that that was fair," Young said. "I didn't use it on nobody. ... All I did was raise it up in the air and went back to my class."

The school principal said that the staff had been trying to get him to "tone down" his flamboyant dressing style.

Do you think the expulsion order is excessive or a just response to someone carrying a weapon to school? Link

What he did violated the school policy but if it were me...I'd rather violate the policy than get beaten up. Those asshole kids should be thankful he acted non-violently by raising it in the air instead of pointing it at them. And as for them telling him to tone down his dress, WTF? As long as he didn't violate the dress code he should be free to wear whatever he wants without fear of brutality from other people.
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well Ted looks like the people of North Carolina do, and quite obviously a majority of the American public does too, despite polls to the contrary.

The homosexual lifestyle is not something to be encouraged, as a lot of research shows it leads to a much lower life expectancy, psychological disorders, and other problems. Studies show that homosexuals, for a variety of reasons, have life expectancies of approximately 20 years less than the general population. Just like a lifestyle of smoking, drinking, etc., unhealthy lifestyles should be discouraged.
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What happened to the Second Amendment to defend yourself against attackers? You know the same people doing the gay bashing would be the first to claim Second Amendment rights if they shot someone in "self defense."
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Kids have been expelled for having a butter knife to spread food in their lunch bags, so this is certainly not out of line. No weapons means no weapons. it does not mean, "Well, no weapons unless you are being bullied, or think you might be, or otherwise have some excuse..."
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he brought it on himself. homosexuality is not as acceptable nor mainstream as the homosexuals would like to believe. he has obviously had problems in the past so a modification of behavior to draw less attention to himself would be in order.

that does not mean I condone the bullying either, obviously all parties were wrong.
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I definitely don't agree with bringing any sort of weapon to school, but the principal & staff that had been telling him to tone down his dress have to be disciplined for their role in it all. By the sounds of it, they pretty much encouraged the bulling by blaming him. You can't blame a kid for being desperate.
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man what i would have given to have a stun gun back in high school...or maybe a 44 magnum...there woulda been some chastised hockey playing gang bangers...
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Sue the school for doing bugger all about the problem. It's what they all do until there's a serious injury or death due to bullying and then they deny knowing about the problem.
And by the way HPR, you are not wrong - I'm with you all the way!
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Young is known as a flamboyant dresser and Larry Yarrell, the Tech principal, said school staff had been trying to get him to "tone down" his accessories.

"If you wear female apparel, then kids are kids and they're going to say whatever it is that they want to say," Yarrell told The Star.

Yarrell had a job to do: enforce order and decorum in his school. He failed to do his job, so Darnell did it for him.

Oh, it's hard because some kids in his school are homophobes? Too bad.
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We need to stop treating this behavior as bullying and treat it as criminal. The school finds it easier to target the victim instead of the people doing the victimizing, and they won't be any help for this mother and son. Better that the kid faces expulsion than a long hospital stay and/or crippling injury.
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Yes, bringing a weapon to school is illegal, but it's better (in my opinion) to risk being expelled that risk having the crap beaten out of you. I think safety should trump legality when you're actively being threatened, which being surrounded by bullies like that is. Also, wtf teachers? "Trying to get him to 'tone down' his flamboyant dressing style" to avoid being bullied is like telling women not to wear flattering clothes to avoid being raped. Blaming the victim like that is not okay.
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I would have expelled him and the kids that threatened him. After that, I would have the entire school undergo an intensive bout of getting their $#@! together so this sort of thing did not happen again.
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If bullying is that big of an issue, find another school. Maybe a private school. Sending your kid with a weapon is never the answer.
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Well, it is a weapon so expelling him was the right decision.
BUT to tell this kid to tone down his look... really??
Ignorant A-holes.
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Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. When would you address this? After the kid is either injured or dead? His mom did right. And her son is alive because of it.
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Everyone here is wrong - the school SHOULD expel him, IF that's what their weapons policy indicates.

Yes, the school did not do enough. But this was not the right response, either.
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the mother was wrong to send her child to school with a weapon, but the school is all kinds of wrong here, mostly because they think it's to be expected that this kid would be bullied because of his dress. to me, 'bullied' is slightly different from 'surrounded by 6 students that were threatening to beat him up.' i think if you're in fear for your safety, you should be able to retaliate without fear of reprisal. at the very least, the students involved should be expelled as well.
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Well, it's good that they have a strict policy about weapons.

But to tell a gay kid "Stop acting gay!" is not actually a useful response to bullying.
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