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I totally fail at this. I forgot what button to push, I couldn't see their hands before I got shot myself, and every time I didn't shoot an innocent was completely by luck. This just went too fast for me.
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I wouldn't live anywhere except America, partly for this right. I trust my fellow citizens down here in El Paso to be responsible firearm owners. I live gunfree for now, but my father owns a handgun, my uncle owns a rifle, and I'll probably pick up a small one for myself soon.

As an addendum, I just wanna mention I'm happy with Neatorama for presenting articles that come from both sides of the political aisle.
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Intriguing point, MikeG.

I also don't give to panhandlers, as I've been told that's illegal where I live and because the panhandlers sometimes become violent and attack people. I'd rather give to a valid charity organization than risk myself and anyone with me while giving a handout to a total stranger.
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Going with the Katrina example, I have to say that the people who can afford to stockpile like this don't seem like the people who would be affected the most by a disaster like that.
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...I assume the joke is one best understood if the sign is read in surfer lingo or Ninja Turtle lingo. "Dude, our God is totally awesome!" is slang, whereas religion is usually expressed in srz bizniz terms.

I laughed.
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Justin, the reason it is presented in English is likely for two reasons. 1, its slogan is probably more recognizable in English even in foreign countries, and 2, because of the reconquista and la raza movement that would love to see that section of America declared Aztlan. However, I find la raza to be less nationalistic and more racist.
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My mom walked me the half block to school every day, walked me home every afternoon. People thought she was silly and overprotective, but she did it anyway. No, there were no abductions later to prove her right, nothing that dramatic. Just mom wanting to make sure I was safe, because even a remote risk was not a risk she wanted to take. A bike injury or getting hurt while I was playing, she could take me to the hospital for. Disappearing between the house and the school, not so much.
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