Polygamy Brings in Bigger UK Welfare Check

Score one for polygamous marriage: British ministers have decided that, even though polygamy is illegal in Britain, it can be recognized formally by the state if it took place in countries where it is legal.

Moreover, because of this recognition, a husband with multiple wives who is eligible for the dole will get extra benefits:

Husbands living in a "harem" with multiple wives have been cleared to claim state benefits for all their different partners.

A Muslim man with four spouses - which is permitted under Islamic law - could receive £10,000 a year in income support alone.

He could also be entitled to more generous housing and council tax benefit, to reflect the fact his household needs a bigger property.


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In response to many especially L - There seems to be an overwhelming skeptisism over the welfare system in this country. To an extent I agree, howeverm there is obviously safeguards put in to place to prevent abuse of such laws. If the man is domicile of a country where polygamy is not accepted then it will not be recognised within the UK. THis is more relevant to immigration and those marrying abroad and THEN moving to this country.
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I'm late on this, but its one of the worst outrages I've ever heard about. Why are people who are illegal, obviously irresponsible, unable to support themselves and unwilling to obey the laws of England allowed in when I, who am of English descent, college educated and able to support myself and willing to obey the laws, denyed the right to live in the UK?????
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This is now being investigated in Ontario:


(the only online source; it was on 2 radio stations this morning)
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The problem with polygamy is that in the countries and cultures where it is practiced, the women do not have a choice. I don't have a problem with individuals choosing multiple partners, as long as the partners are adults, and children are not abused or forced into a certain belief or life. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The polygamists here in the U.S. regularly rely on welfare to support their families. Sexual abuse, incest, statutory rape, mental and physical abuse, murder and abandonment are part of the life of these polygamist communities.

As "G" mentioned, the boys are often dumped in cities, or simply disappear (there's a lot of empty desert there), at around age 14, as they are competition. There girls are usually married off at that age.

Again, if consenting adults choose to live a non-monogamous relationship, I don't have a problem, but I don't want to have to support your lifestyle, and I certainly am not going to support one that's illegal.
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