New Motto for the United States: "Our Worst Critics Prefer to Stay"

A couple of months ago, Freakonomics Blog asked its readers to decide a new "6-word motto" for the United States. And the winner was:

Our Worst Critics Prefer to Stay

Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics wrote:

I applaud your choice of winner, and I especially applaud “edholston,” the blog reader who wrote the motto. “Our Worst Critics Prefer to Stay” is, while perhaps not outrightly uplifting, a wonderfully concise acknowledgment of the paradox that a capitalist democracy inevitably is: a place that is often well worth complaining about, and which allows you to complain as loudly as you wish.

Link - via Locust & Honey (Photo: JBAT [Flickr])

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But seriously..? People who say that America sucks are usually spoiled, pieces of sh*t that have never been to another country and don't care about other countries.
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This is the best country in the world and it irritates me no end when people piss and moan about how horrible it is. To nygenxer: If I had the money, I'd send every one of you America-hating libs somewhere else. I'd even help you pack!!! But I have to agree with the other posters that you do sound lazy and whiny with a "gimme" attitude instead of finding a way out yourself.
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Yeah, why does someone need $100k to go anywhere?
Sneak into Mexico. You could open up a world of travel possibilities into Central and South America.

You do sound whiny and lazy, though.
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Were your hard-working ancestors who immigrated here lazy? Emigrating is about as lazy as putting oneself through college (like I did).

"Proud American" who shows us all what it means to be lazy by reading into what I wrote instead of what I actually wrote. Show me where I am "pissing and moaning."

"Proud American" assumes that I'm a socialist and then lazily stereotypes all socialists as "stupid" - stupid people like Albert Einstein who wrote an essay entitled "Why Socialism?"

If "Proud American" wasn't so busy showing off his laziness, he could've saved himself some embarrassment and done a web search. (Even George Dumbya Bush knows how to "use the google.")

Being lazy like “Proud American” is easy because it doesn't disturb his world view by having to research or think or keep an open mind or to ask questions. Those things are hard and make his head hurt. It's easier and lazier to throw out a few insults and cliches than to open a dialogue.

Cut a check or STFU.
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